Division 2



Roger - I shall keep an eye out. Cleared with my boss to have thurs / fri off. MAY take weds too (lucky bastard to have heart attack cos get all christmas leave, including Bank Hols back) to smash it :slight_smile:
Ta Miccles :heart_eyes:


Pre-loads are active now.

Gold and Ultimate versions launch at 12am “local time” so GMT on 12th March. I’m assuming that means a midnight launch.
Standard version launches at 12am GMT on 13th March.

44GB pre-load.


I cannae do this cos CD keys haven’t sent me the linky to the game… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::angry:


This product is a Pre-Order, it will be available here on or slightly before the release date of 12th March 2019.


Go into the email they sent you when you first ordered.

There should be a line with this: Div2

Click that download text and it will bring you to a page with the key, which you can dump into Ubi launcher and you’re away.


Yeh got tahjt. The text above is what I get…


I’m sure they’re working through the backlog of orders at the moment fella :slight_smile:



Moar fekin werdz


Fucks sake…just dropped £160 (using the ZiiP link!) for Kate and my Gold Editions


BREAKING NEWS: Kate got a Division 2 key free with her GPU that she is just waiting on that she now doesn’t need because she also wants the Gold Edition.

SO: Kate has a free standard edition Division 2 key available to ZiiPsters on a first come, first served basis!



Pants is inddeed a very special snowflake!

I’m preloading too! The standard eddition I ordered is also not ready yet Pants, its not just yours !


How are you preloading if you got no code? :confused:


Gold Edition for myself Standard for my friend!




Pre-loaded and ready to go :slight_smile:


I’m preloaded too but ill not be able to get on until the evening so some of you will probably be L30 by the time I get on :rofl:


Just let me know mate. It looks like its going to drop on release day because it currently says “awaiting key allocation”, so if you wanted it you’d have to wait until Friday, but its yours if you want it.


I was going to dabble for a half hour at midnight, but I have to be on the road at 07:00, so fuck that.

I’ll be on tomorrow evening :slight_smile:


Well, after hunting about, I found it.

Downloading now. I shall be on this afternoon :smiley:


I completely forgot that we get a 3 day early start! Gonna look up if the other key is now available and get on today evening!


We’ll get this installing when we get home but I’m in work until 5:30 and then have some guff to do so I may not be on until tomorrow.


Ta matey - I’ll take it if no one else is interested. Very kind. I enjoyed the Beta and just need something I can play now and again on and off.