Division 2


As soon as its in me or Kate will send it over to you mate, hopefully you don’t have to wait until Friday but we’re just waiting on MSI to send it out atm.


Well, seems like I didn[t have enough drive space,. So, I was looking forward to playing now that I’m back from work… Bummer.

90 minutes to wait, as it stopped 20 minutes from finishing… So it downloaded ZERO, even though it told me it had d/l’d 30Gb…


And as for that bastard @Zorndar getting on before well… RUDE! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes:


You feckers will all be L30 by the time I get on :crazy_face::roll_eyes:


Not likely! Beta(s) capped to level 8, and that took a good while to reach…


Pnats already has max gear score.


Fekin hour until it’s finished fekin downloading. FFS. FECK!11!!

I even fail at nerding! :sleepy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


So does anyone with early access get their character reset when the game is released fully or will it carry over?

Will some peeps be on later this evening? Be fun to level up together!


Oh god I hope not, I’m not playing until Friday otherwise!


I have no idea as I have read nothing about this game really hence the question :rofl:


Working away in Oxford until Thursday but will try and download for a morning play Thursday am



Love capslock… :expressionless:


Sadly no, she’s been working up here too

I wont be home until after 9pm each night, way too knackered for gaming


We’re only now installing so might not be on tonight and if we are it wont be for long.


Literally only just finished downloading so no play tonight.

Any one play? Stable? Any launch wonkiness?


I couldn’t be arsed, ended up watching some twitch :rofl:


All fine! :slight_smile: Menu is convaluted - fekin vanity items shizzle.

But yeh, FAB! I’ve not figured out how TF to use gift weapon yet… :laughing:


Around 3-4h in and no crashes, no bugs, no sound cutting out, no insane amount of loading screens or disconncets and … can you believe it? I actually enjoy my time? Already at low level I can optimise my gear, thanks to the “brand set” points and I’m only level 8. Who would have thought that a smooth experience would translate into me enjoying the game? Mind blown!

The guns feels like they have some heft to them, recoil and sound design of them isn’t spectacular BUT solid, I don’t feel like I shoot marshmallows. Especially the sniper rifles with slow firing speeds, very nice. The legendary shotgun you get for the gold edition is simply awesome, I loved pumpaction in the first game and this feels so right. I used the shotty till level 6 and it was awesome! As it seems you can craft a new one at higher level if you get a different legendary as “crafting incredient”.

The story isn’t too great till now, typical “lets get the base running again” kinda stuff. Waiting for it to get to the real story moments with the reveal of the big bad guys :slight_smile: .

The menus are a bit more of what we are used to from the first part. More of the same, but not extremely “nested” like in Anthem. Each has its category, you go there and click shit thats it. Still, just like in the last game, its more optimised for controllers but runs okish with keyboard and mouse. I doubt they will change that! Still no weapon specific DPS display, head math still necessary but all your stats are visible. Including crit chances, armor, HP, and so on.


Check your in game mail for the weapon.

A note to everyone: Have a look at the Ubisoft club rewards page on the Division game page in Uplay.

There is a free weapon, two free skins and then a bunch of crafting resources you can buy using the Uplay coins thing.


Yeah i just saw that. Was looking through it while waiting for Friday :slight_smile: