Division 2


Aye, I got the weapons - I can’t “use” the assault rifle, though, as it’s WAY too unstable on it’s double shot, HUGE recoil. I’ve not tried teh shotty yet. I got a “higher level” upgradey thing, but no clue how to use it. I’ll figure it.


Don’t forget to add the weekly challenges in the club thingmebob place.

I am downloading but need to go to work… yay two hour commute!


+1 to this, I also did this but totally forgot.


There appears to be both “Classic” and “Weekly” club challenges.


I had a quick blast last night, just to unlock Theatre (fuck your american spelling of it!)

The drone with the SMG is a great little harassment tool. Having it being able to come back to you to provide covering fire is a nice touch. Also, they’ve added cooldown timers as well which is a nice touch.

Game is running super smooth so far and seems so much bigger that D1. I’m glad that they haven’t changed to quick looting mechanics since the beta. No more having to stand around a small toolbox to loot it for a fucking silver bracelet.


On this point: Don’t forget that you can sell all of the trinkets you find at the vendor. Its a button in the bottom right corner if I remember rightly - cashing it in every couple of hours was netting me some decent cash.

Also don’t forget about the parachute drop/loot crate just outside of the South-East Whitehouse entrance - its dangling from the trees in a small garden/seating area immediately North of the closest control point.

OOOOOH AND, when you’ve done the initial starting stuff, go back to the starting area (if it is the same as the beta - if not, go to the place you started in the demo, just before the large camp/Christmas market where the heli pads are) on the road immediately South of the heli pads there is an open manhole that leads to a sewer area: This area has high level enemies (including named ones), loads of loot boxes but most importantly it has FOUR of the lock box keys scattered around the level.

When I’m playing, I’ll get the maps up and take and annotate some screenies to show you all where stuff I’ve found is.


LOTS in that underground bit! :smiley:

Ima go hunt the parachute innabit :slight_smile:

Fanx, luv! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Did you find all four key boxes?

There are something like 6 gear/weapon crates down there as well!!!


Nopes - only one. I need to adjust contrast or brightness, cos I struggle when tis too dark…

EDIT:- I also found the key in the fairground arcade bit, not underground. :confused: I killed a purple bloke to get it.

EDIT - went back in and got them :smiley: They in grey metallic boxes on teh walls. Kind like a key safe. Absolute madness.


I’m having a quick herbal tab and we’re jumping on.

We’ll be playing a couple of hours of just us to get us through the intro BS and get a bit of gear and then we’ll be up for wider cooooop.


Awwwwwwwwww I just realised: No more Ben Stiller!

I’ve lost my Ben Stiller :sob::sob:



Gonna have to wait til tomorrow morningbefore trying it out


I’m going to try to play this evening :slight_smile:

Don’t worry miccle we can be low geared plebs together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::blush::crazy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, the supply drop situation is a bit easier. Just gotta get turret deployment position good, ping a heal thing (I use drone) and get at it. Fast firing thing and shotty I’d suggest too as you get the baton nobbers coming atcha.

Also, baton nobbers have an explosive vest too! :angry::scream:

Also, map seems to evolve - i.e. come across some baddies doing a thing, sort thing out. Later, other stuff happens in / around that place, so it’s not like old one where you clear a thing and it’s gone.



Just pinged Lvl 6, rocking my M60, Pump shotty and 1911.

All running super smooth so far :slight_smile:


I do the same as last time as it worked well for me. I Concentrate to push the story forward, as I wanna know whats going on, and after finishing it I clear the map with all the little sidemissions and activities. I constantly do the “Safe houses” activities though. Gives reasonable XP and gear at the same time plus the weird “perk points”.

I loved the initial shotty we got, now I rock a fast firing Famas/CTAR and the 2nd slot changes between PP19, MPX, sniperrifle or shotgun. Tried a a LMG too, first a saw then a M60, lovely for supressing enemies or just hosing down big scary dudes. Lvl 15 so far, hopefully crack the early/mid 20s tonight.


Rocking and M1 and the Club reward SMG.

The SMG is monsterous, crazy fire rate, good damage, small spread, good accuracy/handling and silly range.

Don’t make the mistake I made: Don’t unlock the smaller of the two flying drones. It’s a bag of shit. As confusing to use as the bombing run on the big drone and flatout just doesn’t detect any enemies half the time.

Gone with the gun version of the big drone and then going to get the med station unlocked.

Kate unlocked Pulse but it doesn’t seem to work either…


Right, people - there is a clan lady that’s unlocked at some point. I have started a ZiiP clan in game - it was Mintys suggestion. So when you unlock her, you should get an invite. If not, try to find the clan and I think I’ve set it up that you can request to join - if not lemme know and I’ll fire invites out again…
There are clan activities too - no idea waht TF that means yet, though!


Also, seems to be offline for the next 3 hours. Brilliant :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: