Division 2


Had the same idea but thought someone else is a better option. I already have the Warframe clan to organise.

The offline thing sucks, I’m home in around 1h, then dinner then quick sortie in warframe… forget it its perfect if they are on time :stuck_out_tongue: !


Why would you want to??? don’t you miss the enjoyment of the game?


FCKING HELL - FCK FCK FCK!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

I finally get the game installed, I am on lates this week meaning I have 3 hours to kill before 11am, fire up Division 2 and what do I see…


Service down for Maintenance from CET 9:00 (8am GMT) for 3 fecking hours



Its ok miccy…im still waiting till tomorrow :smiley:


As Mic - I got up to get some time in as I gotta be out for cardio rehab at about 12.30… I won’t now get to be on until about 4pm. Bah


I made it to level 4 last night, got a nice SMG with an accuracy perk on it and I’m enjoying it so far.

I also got flanked more than once and killed! The AI seems more sneaky which I approve of but it spoilt my fun a few times!

Still not got a fucking clue what I am doing but I’m at a point where I could probably do some missions with other peeps who are low level!


Well if they fuck up the restart of the server I loose all evening.


They won’t :wink:

Ch4d - aye, AI is a LOT smarter - I like it :slight_smile:


Seems there’s a small patch… :wink:


What qualifies as “small”?


I might install this on the work laptop for the laugh so I can join in this evening as I’m down in Cork for work.

I’ve run The Hotel, MLK Library, and the Battery missions so far. Only one mission for the main story thus far, but most of the side missions around Theatre.

Once folk are pinging Lvl 6, lemme know and I’ll team up.


Huzzah! Since writing that last message, I’m 50% downloaded :slight_smile:


I wonder if this is like Div 1 in that as long as peeps are within a few levels of the others in the group they’ll not be totally screwed immediately by a baddie? Anyone tried it? :slight_smile:


They’ve changed the mechanics a bit in that if you join a higher tier player, you will get “up-tiered” to within spitting distance of their level to balance it out.

Now, this might only affect your health and armour, not sure about weapon stats. It seemed ok in the demos, but not seen how it works in the full release yet.


I want to do a post about the skills because I’m finding myself struggling to figure some of the ones I’ve used out and I’m left wondering if they even work.

  • Pulse - Scanner: From Kate’s time with it last night it seems totally broken. We’re literally 6 feet away from a group of enemies, she pops the pulse and…“NO THREATS DETECTED”…other times? Everyone is lit up like a Christmas tree. We cannot see a pattern.
  • Firefly - Demolisher: Totally confused by this skill. It shows two ways of controlling it which amount to just firing it off or ‘precision aim’ neither of which seem to do what they’re supposed to most of the time. The biggest issue I’m having is that it just doesn’t detect enemies most of the time - I’ll be stood with it aimed, pointed directly at an enemy that has a weak point and the targeting doesn’t kick in. Other times I’m able to select a target, sometimes two, once I was able to do three, one time I selected a target and then drew out a line which it flew along and then exploded, sometimes it fires a bomb at targets, sometimes it flies at them and explodes, sometimes it stuns, sometimes it gasses them…it seems broken. I can’t figure out how to use it properly if it does really work.
  • Drone - Bombardier: The range on this thing is far too short and the aiming is flat out clunky.
  • Drone - Striker: Really good. Deploy it, look at a dude and press Q. When dude is dead, look at another dude and press Q. Works really well to harass the little flankers or the assault enemies while you clear some of the chaff.
  • Seeker mine - cluster: Range is too low and the explosive power also seems really low.
  • Seeker mine - airburst: Same issues, short range and low damage.

My plan is to swap out the Firefly for either the Hive with either revive or heal, maybe the Chem launcher with the Firestarter or Oxidiser.

What other skills have you guys used and what are your thoughts?

Edit: I was also about to start fiddling with maps, but someone has already created an interactive map with the icons for everything on in - Linky.


I selected pulse and like you say it has some TERRIBLE range, I’m thinking that you somehow upgrade that for better range but right now on my build its useless.

I could see baddies in the distance but the pulse didn’t pick them up!

This game does look ridonculous on my system will all details cranked as high as they’ll go so I can see all sorts of details even at my paltry 1920x1200 resolution on my main display! I love it!


I have the Pulse and SMG Drone as my abilities.

The pulse is absolutely shocking, but I’m guessing that Ched is right in that it can be modded and upgraded to have a better range. Targets flash up when it’s first activated, but it only seems to really highlight targets that are essentially right beside me.

The drone is damn handy in that it can just operate freely, provide CAS or be used to target specific threats. It does seem to be able to navigate around the maps quite well.


Pre loaded for tomorrow :smiley:

which is good because Norovirus has absolutely ruined this week.


900mB quite small


Gave this a blast for an hour at lunch time and I had to leave during first main mission… not sure how it will cope when I am back in.

I am taking this game slowly, looking about rather than rushing in (normal style).

But ye when I am up to around level 6, a team up would be good. Currently only a L2 agreed on the pulse - its range is shocking. 6 feet at most but the shotgun lullaby really puts down the beasties!