Division 2


I’m running a turret (cos can chuck upwards so hard to kick over) and a healing drone at the mo. I’ve unlocked the hive, the shield and another skill for drone (can’t remember which) which I’ve not used yet. I can’t remember how to change them “on the fly”…

I did note that there are slots on the skill items, so I suspect some customisation / tweakage will be done. I’ve picked some up, but can’t yet equip them, except skins.

I’ve also just equipped a mod I came across too - not ideal one, but it IS one, so it’s going on.


I think my main issue will be re-learning how to understand what works with what.


Aye - things have changed, buddy, so it’s all a bit new to all. :smiley:

Accuracy = size of reticule; stability = how much recoil.

Yeh, that’s it for now! :smiley:


Also, I’m now having MANY crashes…

EDIT:- seems it was likely to be my end. Network thingy had a hissy.


I take some of my Firefly shit talking back. It’s an absolute unit against special enemies and bosses, I managed to take a gold boss with two wide armour pips down to <20% in one hit from it!

It’s still temperamental and it still sometimes does other effects instead of just exploding, but its twatting me some bosses.


Slag, with yer hax… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


O and anyone know the button for a cover-to-cover move? I can’t find it in the key bindings…


Space for me


Wot he said. Spacebar does the job for me.


Is just a “dive” thing fer me. Okies - moar practise required it seems.


Fekin servers going down again…


It’s prep for the full public release tomorrow


Only for about 20 minutes, it seems :smiley:


O and you’re all slags. Especially that Zorn bloke…


I didn’t play last night so I’m still level 4!

Going to be on later today :slight_smile:


So first impressions - really enjoyable intro.

Feels like they know exactly what game they’re making this time. Very familiar to the first Division but the shooting feels tighter and deadlier. Enemies aren’t quite as bullet spongy so far.

Really enjoyable drip feed of mechanics and exploration, I’ve just done the theatre missions. Structurally it looks like you can level up and rebuild regions around DC. Looking like a good sequel so far!


I ran a load of missions solo yesterday evening throughout the Northeast zone around Theatre. Got all the SHD caches and all but one of the side missions. Still have one more mission to run before I can get the clan unlocked through the main story.

Still running an LMG and the pre-order shotgun, but keep an AR handy for more CQB fights. Absolutely loving my 1911, but it is becoming a bit too weak now to deal with targets. I ran the Hotel and a couple of missions just using the pistol and nothing more :smiley:

It runs smooth as hell, the world is gorgeous. Certainly notice the difference in character animations in the cut scenes in comparison to Anthem (Anthem is far better), but Division has had 2 years of development post-release in terms of tweaking things.

The new mechanics on larger bosses like gun brutes (machine gunners) with the armour makes them far less scary to go up against. The updated mechanics on specialised ammo is nice too. Explosive and Armour piercing rounds on a shotgun is brilliant as the target usually just bleeds out after the first hit.

The difference between being able to change your loadout with Anthem and D2 works for me as I approach both games differently. For me, part of the fun in the loot grind with Anthem is the not knowing what your scavenging has gotten you, whereas in D2 you’re out and about and not returning to a central point all too often, so you need to adapt your loadout far more regularly.

So far, really enjoying it. :slight_smile:


Quick rant…

Just logged since the release and was very disappointed to find they did not change the character creating element. All I can do is hit random on my character and by god, the woman all come out looking like men!? They couldn’t be less feminine if they tried.

LOL, Just hit continue and got to the customisation page. I’m a Twat! LOL!




I recently discovered gold blokes with a fekin gert sledge hammer! :scream:


O and remember teh explosive go-kart trolley things? Well, yeh, no spoilers, but there’s a new version. Which hurts. :’(