Division 2


To echo Al, yeps, level 30 is like another version of the game - experimenting with builds etc.

I proper enjoyed it, but I don’t “do” the PVP part of it and with each patch there are different metas.

I actually have a character (you can have 4 different ones) whom I’m grinding. Can’t remember what level they are at, but they defo not at level30! If you want to team up, as you’ll then grind quicker cos rewards are bigger cos you playing at higher level than your eqpt, shout.


If you don’t pre-order then you can still sign up but it will be like a prize draw… Preorder is guarenteed


Zorn just highlighted teh fact that via ZiiPs link to CD keys, one can pay for teh beta. £3.99

However, the code I received doesn’t work. Ticket now open…

Beta - 7-11 Feb. https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/beta


Let us know how you get on fella.


You can buy the beta on cdkeys without the referal link, but with it Jester gets a small kickback.

My key worked, I assume you tried activating it in the uplay loader instead of following the link in the description. I know pants, reading is hard :stuck_out_tongue:


The beta keys can be purchased here, 3.99 isnt too bad
https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/tom-clancys-the-division-2-pc-beta-cd-key (noy sure how to include the referal thing in that)


Any idea what happens next, Zorn?

It’s not appeared in my games in uplay…

EDIT:- Not much yet, it seems… https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000036550


Warning: Vred whinge.

I’m really not down with them outright selling access to the beta, even though I know that is effectively what is happening when they bundle it in with a pre-order, actively selling a beta key just feels slimy.

Maybe its my anti-Ubisoft bias or because I’m old or because I’m just a whinger.


CDkey did offer the same thing for the EA Anthems demo, its not an Ubisoft thing, its an cdkey thing. For me its a safe way to see if that game is worth my money or not. Now I know for example I won’t buy Anthem anytime soon, at least not at launch. Lets see what the deal is with the Divison 2, I sort of liked the old one at the end.

Pretty sure this “beta” is the same glorified demo as Anthem was, surely they can fix a few connection issues but realistically speaking chances are very low they could fix any major issue. You didn’t seemed concerned when you got the Anthem key via the “premium pass” or whatever they call that bullshit. Or what about people preodering the game? Is that allright?


I really loved so much about the first Division, but I hit that wall of “waiting for content” and then it kind of fizzled out for me. Some great runs in the Dark Zone with fellow ZiiPsters and even solo when you can be sneaky. Did begin to feel a little like I was doing dailies to earn tickets to a crap shoot regarding loot drops though…

Does it look like they’ve actually done a lot “more” for Division 2 in you guys eyes? Is this a must buy for anyone yet?


TBH, I’ve not really looked at much stuff that’s about - YouTube etc.

The last big updates for Division got me back into it - MUCH preferred it, even though I never actually did a legendary mission nor the harder bits as I couldn’t.


Al - I understand, but £4 instead potentially £80 to be disappointed is a bit of a no-brainer for me. :wink:

I’m not a fan of “buying” what is essentially an incomplete demo, but there is a bit of content too - got some sort of pack thing with a weapon (SPAS12 shotty, so not great at all for my playstyle). Not justifying - just saying. :smiley:



Has anyone else received access to the “private beta”?

I just my email confirming it.

42GB download… fucking hell.


I got one too. Though never played the 1st one after the beta


I have, Kate is checking now.

We’ll be DLing as soon as we’re home and will be on around 7ish.


Beta is only playable from tomorrow. It’s a preload now.


Are you sure? My email had this in it:


Edit: Or is that a thing like Anthem had where I can invite X number of friends who didn’t get in/sign up?

Edit 2: Everywhere is showing this as out on the 7th so the above picture must mean we get some invites to share or something…

Edit 3: @Jester does your dude at CDKeys know when he’ll have details of the different editions? I know the one I want to grab but only the one edition is listed at the moment.


Yeah says 7th everywhere… I clicked the invite link and nadda… So yeah I guess friend codes will appear at 6PM today :thinking:


If thats the case I’ll post up any keys or links I get so you and anyone else can grab one.


Downloading for around 1h already, almost done! Compare that with Origin where I struggled with 300-1000kB/s, now its at a constant 11+MB/s. I’m slightly excited for this!

The mail actuall mentions its starting 6th February 6pm?