Division 2


@vredesbyrd - No idea mate. Don’t have direct contact with those guys. Haven’t spoken to Mahyar for about a year now either.


Ah sorry dude, I thought they were the peeps you were in contact with. Sorry to peck head!

@Zorndar the image in my post is a screenshot from my email but it must mean extra invite keys because literally everywhere confirms what @NaloaC says.


No worries mate - I know who they are and their operation. Just not personally :slight_smile:


No I got the same mail :smiley:. mine is in german though. So unless they send wrong information to everyone, or the internet is wrong.

Download done btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Double checked. Uplay states 7th ( 10am CET, 8pm for me) as start for playing too. I think the mail is just badly worded!


I’m keeping an eye out for a source on the ‘Ultimate edition’ since that seems to be the best bang for buck.

Edit: Bang for buck isn’t the right phrase. Basically, at the time I looked them up (earlier in the thread) this edition came with stuff like an expanded stash size and some other game affecting stuff that either wouldn’t be otherwise available OR would be released later and placed behind a grin wall.


Holy fuck, really? That’s €110 on the Ubi store!


Its because of the packs it includes:


  • PLAY EARLY FROM March 12th
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2™ Game
  • Year 1 pass
  • Elite agent pack
  • Battleworn secret service pack
  • The first responder pack
  • An additional pack : The Capitol Defender pack
  • Access to Private Beta
  • Digital bonus: Tommy the teddy bear (PC ONLY)


Hidden in amongst that - at least at the time I looked it up - was a few game-affecting things like stash size which wouldn’t otherwise be immediately available to everyone on release and later when it does become available would be behind a grind wall.

I’ll look in to this again later and try to detail exactly what you get in each pack.


Woot - I have the email!


Had a quick look and I think I remember that edition being the one to look at because of the ‘Elite Agent Pack’


Which includes:


I’m trying to dig out the article that talks about the skill effect and makes reference to the extra storage - I’m vaguely remembering what I read but without the source I don’t want to post it as fact.

Essentially, from memory, both of those two items are supposed to have a noticeable effect on the game and can’t be unlocked later, at least not without a huge grind.

When I find it I’ll post it up and pull out the key quotes.

The Elite Agent pack is only available in the two most expensive editions.


GIDDY. AS. FECK! :exploding_head::scream::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Yeh, dumbass cardio rehab tomorrow afternoon and then a “visitor” later on…

O and already pre-loaded cos I R skiver :smiley:


Origin launcher saying available Feb7 @10am CET (9am UK time); Asia Feb 7 @8pm AET; Japan 6pm JST

No that I tried to launch it “just in case” at all…

EDIT- the trailer gives a bit of detail on what to expect :wink: https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/beta


You are correct! Cdkey was so nice to write what exactly is included :slight_smile:

"Ultimate Edition includes additional digital content, the Year 1 Pass, and get up to 3 days early access to the game.

• The Elite Agent pack, including - an exotic assault rifle - a skill effect - additional stash space
• The Battleworn Secret Service pack, including - Battleworn Secret Service outfit - Secret Service emote -
Secret Service weapon skin
• The First Responder pack, including - First Responder outfit - First Responder weapon skin"



Ahh nice, the last time I looked they only had the standard edition listed!


The price is a bit nuts though, lets see how the beta is.


I disagree a little, Zorn - seen how much regular console games are?


I’m with Zorn, even at £67 for what amounts to a skill and some storage space that may remain shuttered behind the preorder is crazy.

I need to find the article I originally read to remind me of why I even considered coughing up that sort of money - Its stuck in my head that both the skill and the storage space ended up being worth paying for but I can’t remember the specifics.


And a gun. A FREAKIN GUN!11!!! :wink:


I remember the first game had something similar in it.

Sawn-off shotgun (that levelled up with you I think), loads of loot storage that I never used (I scrapped everything I didn’t need for parts) and a bunch of clothes.

The pass is the only thing really needed, unless that skill is borderline game-breaking. If it can be unlocked after a fuck-hard mission or a grind, that’s cool with me.

Also, beta video shows miniguns!


Again, from memory, I think the skill is inaccessible unless you buy that edition and is a boosted version of the turret.


If it’s a minigun, I’ll consider it :smiley: