Division 2


Remembered! It was from a Jim Sterling video - this one - its a grind skip, basically.

If you get the elite agent pack you get the full storage space unlocked straight away instead of having to do whatever grinding you need to do to unlock it through gameplay.

The skill is pre-order only.

Hopefully we’ll see at least a hint of how it works tomorrow and decide from there.


This really slow going for anyone else?

We’re obviously downloading two copies simultaneously, but jesus its slow!


Yeps, it was slow for me too…


I’m downloading it ok, 4 to 5 Mb/s


If anyone hasn’t already order this game and would like to join the closed Beta give me a shout I have 3 invites.

We will need to be friends in Ubisoft, so I can send the invite.


Oooooo I would love to nasty but at my Nans ATM so can’t get on ubisoft right now


How did they come through, Past?


Yarp I haz de invite email toos :smiley:


@st00kz You are already in my friend’s list invite sent.


@Leepants It was in an email, see below.


Yeh - I got that, clicked it but it didn’t give me any extra codes to fire about…

EDIT:- LIES! It didn’t yesterday… Done now :slight_smile: Tar


Its not code, you have to scroll down to you friends list.



Yeh, it wasn’t there yesterday. Probably because it wasn’t the 6th yesterday…


@NastyPasty Luffs you :slight_smile:


Are there any beta codes still available?
I didn’t apply for the beta as I didn’t think I’d have a computer that would run the game at the time :slight_smile:


No codes, its invite based. I’ll give you a shout tomorrow when I’m home from work and get you added to my friends list (account was hacked an I lost everyone on my friends list) so I can send you an invite if someone else hasn’t hooked you up by then.



p.s glad you got your account back


Got it all downloaded this evening.

I have no idea where the fuck I find those friend invites :confused:


In the email, Caol.

At the bottom, the button that says invite friends. A list will then appear, so Ronin needs to be on someones friends list to invite him.


Canny wait to start working on my headshot/LMG build again!!!

Me and Kate at work today:

To help organise who has what and who needs what:

  • Have spare invites and can share
  • Need an invite plox
  • Tom Clancy is not my personal Lord and Saviour
  • Ubisoft can scramble down my grundle

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If you answered either of the first two post up your Uplay addy to make it easier sorting things later on.