Division 2


@NastyPasty or anyone else who might know.

Where is the invite once its sent? Had a look around UPLAY and cant seem to find anything :confused:


J03 - have you checked emails and / or the Division 2 website - it COULD be linked to your account on there and may need a button pushing. I dunno…


I R checked emailz…will do sum moar looking


Half an hour… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Try this - https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/beta - j00 may need to log in…


That window would not show for me yesterday at all. No matter what way I tried to get there.

Sent an invite to Ronin.

I have 2 left if anyone wants one.


OK…tis downloading now on werk peecee. Should be done in an hr :slight_smile:




And I am at work. :disappointed_relieved:


Anyone looking for a key, see the poll further up for people with available invites!


Reet, we know how this game works - it rewards exploration. Soooo, there is a lot of loot about, so do explore and don’t go straight for the objectives. :wink:


Keep getting “An error has occurred while accessing patch data OSCAR-01”

Any ideas? Or is it not time to start yet?


I think that error only occurs when your computer has trouble accessing patch data. Specifically, OSCAR-01.

I could be wrong though.


Bugger - still working - at Home but too tempting to fire it up…


Might download this and give it a go over the weekend


Initial impressions are good.

The city has a lot more “life” to it, partially due to there not being an ungodly amount of snow everywhere.

Random citizens running around defending areas, but they’re essentially replacement for the JTF from the original.

Weapon handling is quite nice and the stats are good in that they show the damage dropoff after specific ranges. There is a bit more camera shake with weapons and they’re not quite the lasers they were in D1. I’m running a HK16SS and a tactical MP5 at the moment. SS is a semi-auto with good power and the MP5 is for close encounters.

The UI is a bit on the busy side when going through inventory and whatnot. Lots of clicking to get things done, but it runs smoothly.

Sadly, for me on a mixture of mid to high settings, I’m only getting around 25-40 FPS. I’ll have to tweak a lot more to see if I can squeeze a bit more out of it.

It is very pretty and things like the volumetric gases look awesome.

Reflect effects in the world are a bit torn here and there, but lighting is lovely for the flames and explosions.

Skills, like the turret and seeker mines, are a bit more fun now as you can manually tell the turret what to shoot! That’s a big fucking bonus if you want to make it concentrate on grenadiers or assaulters.

Seeker mines can be told where to go to far more specifically than before, but the enemies are more aware of them.

I finished one of the big story missions and I lost connection to the server, so I have no idea if I have to re-run the mission or if I lost all the fucking loot.

There are sets of random clothes now, not just legendary shite. I got a hillwalking backpack and gloves which reduce cooldown timers by 10% and skills last an extra 5% longer. Nice touch that.

So far, it’s more of the same with a bit more polish :slight_smile:



There’s deer running around the map. :smiley:

I have 1 invite left.

Ronan and Jester got one each from me.


MANY deer… Dear. :smiley:

I wonder if the baddies scale for squad play on PVE as I had to have 3 goes at one side mission to complete cos Boss was a grenade launching prick and had plenty minions…


O and I’m having MUCH fun with it :slight_smile: MUCH

Early levelling is easy - to chase levels, concentrate on the Mission bits, and don’t wander about gathering resources / exploring… But! Resources = better kit.

Also, blueprints scale with you instead of having a shit-ton of useless bobbins. Also, one sight will fit onto many weapons, so no need for huge stash with a gajillion different weapon add-ons.


How do I get the beta?