Division 2



that not for the next one, is this one not the private invite only one?


Raven - you on origin? If so, friend request vred as he has invites left. :wink:

O and I’m loving it so far. £66? I’m in.


I have 3 invites but I don’t know how to give them to people.

Email is just directing me to the website


Too many vreds. Yep I’m on origin BlckRaven


Jesus this is slow… 17.52 downloaded on 4.4Mb/s and I need to get to 42GB :frowning:


My addy is ZiiPVredesbyrd.

Most of you wont have me because of the account issues from a while back so if you could add me please that would be great :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s uPlay and not Origin ?


50% there… so so fast…




Cant even find vred with that full name.


I got out of hours stuff to do tonight so I can’t even download it due to how my worky VPN is set up! :frowning:

I’ll be giving this a whirl as I’m curious to see what the performance will be like for me and also to assess whether I buy it or not :rofl:


Uplay Raven… @Leepants sold you a bum steer


still got 6gb to go… wont be on til weekend now sobs and cries… OOH Icecream… Hagen Daas!


Downloaded and ready to go


Friend referral is fucked for me - it let me load it up once and select Toonfood to invite, looked like it went through but then doesn’t seem to have worked and now I can’t get back to the invite page, I just circle back to a preorder page…

Edit: Randomly managed to get back to the page just by repeatedly opening the link. Says Toonfood is invited but he hasn’t got an email and doesn’t see shit on the beta page or in Uplay. Something’s fucky.


Caolan’s email invite to me took about 6 hours to arrive


Are the servers up right now ? I get a Mike 01 error code saying that they are down already?

EDIT: Servers down till 1pm cet!


Kate and I are going to be jumping straight on this as soon as we’re home.

We’re around level 5 and have a handful of the missions left to do.

Some scattered thoughts so far:

  • More of the same but in a much nicer, brighter, colourful and generally less depressing setting - all positives
  • Gun play is quite different, feels a bit ARMA-Y at times with how much extra effort it is to control recoil than in the first game - totally agree with @NaloaC about it not feeling ‘laser-y’ any more. Don’t actually hate it.
  • Damage or rather just how much damage you take just doesn’t feel well communicated - part of this is likely me getting used to how it is now, but there are times when I’m caught by what feels like a quick spray but I’ve actually just lost 3/4 of my armour
  • I don’t understand the health/armour/damage types system yet - it seems almost random how much damage I take from which enemies and the levels don’t seem to be tied to their damage output like they used to be - feels lot less clear.
  • Things feel like they get off to a quicker start than in the first game but it still seems like you need to grind to level 30 before you get to the Gear Score stage.
  • The settlement building actually looks like it could work well - it feels a little Fallout 4-y in a way, with you finding safe houses that you then have to upgrade with scavenged resources. Fits the post-apocalypse setting.
  • The variety of equipment and weapons and the fact that they aren’t just named ‘Holster’ but actually have branded names (and not just the sets) makes the loot feel a little bit more special for me.
  • The variety of crafting parts makes me wonder how much of a grind the crafting is going to be - the simplified parts/part quality from the first made everything very clear, this new one where we’re finding spoons, crayons, childrens shoes…I get that they’ll all likely be broken down in to raw materials, but I can see it turning in to a real grind for some of the materials and result in just having to run the same few areas over and over again. Dunno, time will tell.
  • Story is…meh. Hopefully it fills in how they went from plague ravaged New York to societal collapse
  • I don’t buy the factions - I supposed it would be too tropey if they went with the standard Walking Dead type factions, but having Mad Max/Boardlands-y psycho factions just feels off for me…they seem even more outlandish than the burners or the cyber ninjas which were silly enough.
  • I don’t get the new armour system for the bosses - it doesn’t seem like its a bar that you chip away at any more and how you taking it down so you can chip away at the health seems random.
  • The localised damage on enemies that I hadn’t spotted but @NaloaC pointed out that you can shoot off helmets and pieces of armour/gear/equipment as well as hitting weak spots which I like. After Cal pointed it out I point-blanked one of the assault green enemies and her helmet popped right off and made her stumble.
  • Rate of fire on weapons is INSANE. You absolutely burn through ammo and I find myself reloading every 15 seconds.
  • Environments are beautiful
  • Performance isn’t bad considering
  • I know they’ve done it to give you more control, but I don’t like the targeting that they’ve added to the abilities. I preferred the seeker mines to be fire and forget and I’d prefer the drone to be a little autonomous buddy at your shoulder gunning with you. It feels akward drawing out the flight path of the drone or choosing the target of the mines especially if you’re behind several obstacles and don’t have the high ground. It becomes impossible to get your gear where you want it when they’re are more than a half dozen normal enemies. I’m sure the later unlocks will be closer to what I’m after and I’m sure I’ll get used to the new system but it just feels a little janky right now.
  • Grenades don’t feel right. Using them just feels awkward and slow to me and I could be misremembering, but I’m sure the first game didn’t use both G and Left Click to launch them - I thought you pressed G to display the guider and then G again to throw? I could be wrong and the slight awkwardness I’m finding could be making me feel like G and Left Click is more unnatural than it is.
  • Characters aren’t any more compelling than they were in the first game.

I’ll post up some more when I’ve played some more but those are just some scattered thoughts.

Verdict so far: Must buy for both Kate and me. Despite how negative all of the above sounds, its mostly nit picky.


Had a chance to play a little last night as misses went out but couldnt get too far into it as about between 5 to 20 mins it would crash out saying my net connection was at fault. Dont think so.

But what ive played seems to be nice