Division 2


A slightly shiny shotgun, a M4A1, some extra storage space and some clothing… I just can’t seem to find the justification behind it.

The skill, if it’s worth the extra €20 must be insanely good to go for it over the Gold edition.


I have played only a few minutes and I am sold. 75 quid is damn steep though


Aside from the fact you get the season pass on the gold edition, which might save money on a pass bought separately, I’m tempted to just grab the standard version.

I had the pre-order shit on the original game and its very quickly surpassed/useless as you level up and find the direction/build you want to go with for your character,


The shotgun you got in the first one was a great sidearm that scaled with your level, but it wasn’t of much use later on once you started getting legendary or exotic sidearms.

Getting the year 1 pass is the only real incentive for me.


That was a good first experience. It would be more fun with friends but its only a 4 squad game and I was happy to explore on my own.

Undecided about whether the expensive options are worth the extra pennies


Anyone want to run the last story mission this evening before the demo ends?


You still on? We’ll come run it!


Just gonna leave this here:

Edit: this too:


To give clarity to Vreds post above, we ran the last of the story missions on Hard since we copped on that we could.

Ho. Lee. Fuck.

Garage: 4 yellows, 2 purples and a yellow heavy gunner. At least.

End section. Can’t even remember because I was just getting my face melted off by incendiary RC bombs and losing all my armour to the sniper at the end and then getting beaten to an electrified death by yellow assault units with shock batons.

Jesus titty-fucking-christ, dial it down a bit! Drop 2 yellows and replace them with reds. That would probably be fine.

We were running out of ammo. Out of armour and could barely get out of the doorway.

That being said, by the time we left it, we had actually made it to the last batch of enemies.

Between normal and hard, someone, somewhere cocked up the multipliers and instead of a few purples and 2 yellows, essentially 3/4 of the enemies were yellows.


@adrock the mission Cal is talking about has a main boss enemy that directly references that she got a load of information from “…a cool watch…” she took from a Division agent.

Knowing reference maybe?

Also, I feel stupid admitting this but it wasn’t until last night when Caolan was explaining the plot of Division that I realised it was really close to the plot of ‘The Remaining’ book series. Like, really close.

The whole “sleeper agents meant to rebuild after the apocalypse” is probably just a trope, but D.J. Molles’ books came out 4 years before the Division so…



fucking science watches! i would buy science watch limited super secret edition with actual science watch. fuck pipboys. i don’t really mean that. and i don’t even wear a watch.

oh shit. did tom clancy die before the books came out? does DJ Molles have any history prior to Tom Clancy’s death? Have you seen his birth certificate? Does he have this photo on the dust jacket?


Tis a win from me - I tried to get end-game / DZ stuff going this morning - nopes, crashes a plenty. Which is a shame.

However, I’m in.


Not launch option for me - It thought it ended later on today?


@Jester can you get a referral link for the gold edition on cd-keys?


Sure thing:

The Division 2 Gold Edition from CDKeys

Cheers :slight_smile:


Aaaaaand ordered! Cheers fella! :grinning:


Tomorrow methinks


Private Beta’s finished, Mic


Erm, Platinum wun too, kplzthx? :smiley:


Nice summary.