Do you think you will get a White Christmas?

Simple question…

  • Of Course, I live in Scotland
  • Don’t be Stupid, I live South of Scotland
  • We’re away at Christmas and Snow has been ordered.

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I don’t live in Scotland and am near to the coast. It’s not unheard of though…

so live south of Scotland?

Bollocks, cant change the vote. We are going to Denmark so it will be a 50%/60% situation(An old Finnish skijumper keeps saying 50/60 instead of 50/50 as he does not understand english).

I lived in Scotland for many years and can remember maybe 2 white christmases…

Christmas, probably not. January might be a fair shout though. At some point i’ll be back in lancashire/cumbria, where they get all the water.

Pfft blue waffle flaps
I hope their is snow I love working in it