Docking Station

Wife’s work pc (my old gaming rig) has just started randomly powering off. No warnings, just shutting down. I thought it qas the wonderful windows update that broke everything the other week but it is not looking like its psu or something. So, she is going to get a laptop. Got an hp picked for her.

Now, I’d like to link this up to the 2 24 inch monitors she’s using, but struggling with docking stations. Anyone any knowledge on a good, not over expensive docking station able to handle 2 monitors?

Does it have hdmi and usbc? Would just use those no?

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It has one of each. Forgot that USB c can be used for video.


What’s the budget? The Dell ones are pretty fucking great to be honest.

Cheap as possible. Also being a hp laptop I’d be worried about compatibility with dell docks.

Dell docks actually work with most things. Got one in the office solely for testing student laptops on external peripherals (most common fault involves studying and sugary beverage spillages). (Had both Intel and Apple Silicon macs running off them, as well as Razer, LG, XPG, HP and Dell laptops).

HP ones don’t even work reliably with HP.

Dell docks are also a few hundred quid. Not looking to spend anything near that.

I use a Targus universal laptop dock when I’m in the office, works great and uses displaylink to run which windows recognises automatically.

I run one DVI and one HDMI to the screens.

Its a variant of this one:


This is the one I use and find it an awesome bit of kit:

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Was looking at that one ched

That’s used, and doesn’t come with a power brick. We fell for that one and sent it back. is new and 3x the price.

Found that Targus docking station for that Ebuyer price in lots of places. I think you may have got a duff one from Ebuyer, but the Targus price is waaay over the top.

Loads on Ebay for that price point as well. Looks a good option.

Ultimately it’s moot.

The bigger problem for Hammy at least, is in 2017 HP changed the power adapter barrel type. Post 2017 they use an NB (4.5x3.0mm) designation barrel, not the H2 (5.5x2.1mm) listed.

Not exactly moot.

Option 1 is don’t utilise the laptop charging functionality. Use the HP power brick provided unless it is H2 then you are golden. Let’s be fair, we have no idea what the tip will be until it turns up.

Also, if you really do want to utilise the charging functionality:

Cut from that Targus link. Just contact their support for a NB tip. Simples.