Don't kick a dead horse slap the soul out its skeleton



Its your brain imaging vibrations
Vocalising your ideas to ears
I dunno I wanted a music thread

Feel free to delete
I just felt like a little sub section of lyrical nonsense and as a quote from my mother after I rang her about 16hrs + of having wrote a poem
“I read it and thought you had killed yourself”
Or my work mate
“well that was err tumbleweeds
So yes

I’d love to see what everyone does and listen to It
I know xander writes beautiful works
hammy can get my blood thumping
what about the rest of you


I love having an out of mind mindstate
Amping up the crime rate
Bodies fliping am calling out scores
Triple double sumasault before they hit floor
Eviscerated lower jaw
tongue lapping at the cerb
I came here to serve
Now am 40 love
stomping my presence on the street of disbelievers meek heads squelching audible adorable applaudable appalled inthralled stone walled in pain like teeth pulled wailing bellowing pain the atmosphere swelling feel the drizzling rain an the over powering shame of my disdain an my reign insane on my throne of bones pondering tombs written pages of ages gone adding in blood footnotes and half quotes as strangled cries reach the skies and I dispies everyone I see with my eyes sleepless as I’ve been am swimming in pools of blood feeling serene


To the tune of
"the road - freestyle rap beat

*fun fact i couldnt get my mic to work so this is through my tv audio and my mobile mic …rage

Some thoughts I utter
Others I mutter
Pausing breaths
Labouring Like I gotta stutter
Clearly a nutter
clearly a nutter
Like no one other
A lover to your mother
Oh bother the drama am treading hot water likes it lava
Would you rather I lied
Ruffle family ties
When the whole ship sunk an capsized
I was captivated by your mothers thighs
Before I realised I was staring deep into her eyes
So wide
We tried but couldn’t resist
she role played chuffing uo my wrists
and puffing up her lips
She Straddled me at the hips and told me to summit I was taping out upon her tits
She told me get a grip and spill the seed
That insatiable greed
An unwholesome need
So I did the deed and my time was done
She slipped the chains off while gargling cum
Oh what fun has just begun
Me and your mum
mmm mmm son x2 (or3)


Haha so am letting off
Picasso on her body
Like a art form
Or a slug storm
Hag fish bliss
Tsunami on her tits
The never ending sexromp classical greatest hits
Impacting on her middrift
Like an oil slick or a spilled Greek food table
No towel was stable or able to halt the flood
Cease the pour had to fill sandbags upon the floor against the door
My pre shot impacting like an a bomb
The splash back had me ducking like a log flume
Or strong winds at high tide couldn’t hide this wild ride
While the bed creaks registering on the rictor scale and your bedsheets are all left hard and stale
I know yours mother’s cries left you weak and pale
And the things she said inside my bed will haunt your head and even though am 32 and your 18 I just wanted to come clean right up in your mum and tell you even though am not your father I am ruining your mum son


Mmmm mmm son
Mmmm mmm son


*lyrics that didn’t make it in but I found fun

She rubix cubed my shit

To many in this bed roll your wife over

apparently the key to the safe were in my dick

*a lover to your mother, sister and cute brother"

I can’t post more than thread replies so it’s edit mode

Here’s some random rhymes I have circling my brain

“morning pussys dangerous it’s been marinating all night”

“I once was awake wide eyed and bright a fucking delight in its own right”