DOOM Eternal – Official E3 Teaser



I loved DOOM 2016 so i’m all over this when it comes out!



Oh FFS I just jizzed AGAIN…

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That fucking Doom music holy fuck. Mick Gordon is a lovely man (with an excellent surname)

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Gonna hijack this to show the Quakecon stuff they revealed:

I have never been more hyped for a game. Seriously impressive looking!



Wow that looks EPIC!

Loving the chain on the super shotgun and the invasion thing sounds fun! :smiley:

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Re-installing DOOM again. My Steam backup was borked (only had 20GB backed up) so I’ve been downloading the remaining 49.3GB over the last 2.5 days :confused:

Looking forward to seeing it on the 2070 now :smiley:

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I haven’t played the 2016 DDOM on my new system yet, the 1080ti currently monsters all games I have at 1920x1200 so I think it’d be fine but I’m hoping to get a 1440p high refresh rate monitor to let it do some proper work.

I’m getting 200+ FPS in my alien isolation nightmare mode (re)playthrough ever since I messed around with some settings in W10. :smiley:

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Looks Like Mick Gordon is ramping it up again for this! >D