Door Kickers: Action Squad (Cartoon 6 Siege)


Anyone familiar with ‘Door Kickers’ or ‘Breach & Clear’ ?

I played a lot of the latter and loved it but didn’t gel too well with the former.

Any way, the reason I mention this is because the Door Kickers guys have just released a ‘Broforce version’ of their game called ‘Door Kickers: Action Sqaud’ which is:

…a side-scrolling action romp with co-op multiplayer. A team that makes something like Door Kickers, however, is never going to get rid of tactical shenanigans entirely, and Action Squad still expects players to plan ahead, choose the right gear and use different tactics to take down specific enemies.

It’s a 2D side scrolling tactical coop shooter thingy that looks good and is on Early Access for £8.36.

Even though it’s recommended to play in CooP, I’m gonna grab it and see what it’s like - if you see me playing on Steam don’t hesitate to send a stream request and have a watch.


That looks like a cross between gunpoint and broforce! Colour me intrigued! :smiley:

I LOVE broforce, there is always something that makes me laugh whenever I play :slight_smile:

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Looks fun, slightly slower more tactical version of BroForce.