Dungeons & Dragons!

Right i really wanna play some DnD but getting a local group is tricky atm for many reasons. Is any one interested in playing some DnD on discord or some such ?

im interested in trying my hand at DMing if thats a concern to any one.

due to the shit hours i work games would normally be run midday ish

No experience required if you wanna try it out for the first time and stuff like that.


If i DM this, i will run this campaign, since the first part can easily be a one shot if we end it there.


There seems to have been a huge uptick in D&D the last few years.

Humble Bundle did a massive sale of their stuff not too long ago if I’m not mistaken?

@spoonlamp is certainly an avid D&D-er if memory serves me right?


Middayish does not work for me. Otherwise that would be nice. Have not played D&D in years(read can’t remember anything). You can get a dice bot for rolling the dice on discord.


id be up for this also but can’t do it midday id also need to be slowly walked through the process of the whole thing as i love the idea but me no follow rules well

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Love the idea but midday would be tricky here too…

midday to early afternoon is all i can do due to my alarm being set for 1am every morning :frowning:


That being said saturday and sundays are my only free days were i have no alarm set for the following day so that could be an option


Yes. Moar dnd.


I also have a bunch of silly one-page rpgs I’ve been meaning to try, so if reno fancies being a player, that could be something I’d be up for doing.

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I’m good for most weekends :+1:

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im game for anything really just work is a pain with my hours :’(

If people want me to runa DnD on a saturday or sunday afternoon or evening lemme know as i think Wilddog was interested to but i donno when he can play.

Can’t commit to it atm, but I can chime in with a recommendation for Roll20.

Kate and I did a campaign with a friend using discord and roll20 and after a bit of getting used to it, we had really good fun.

From what our DM said there are a lot of templates you can load up and use so you don’t have to do it all from scratch like he did.

i’ve lookd at that before it’s the same issue i have with DnD beyond i have the physical books i don’t want to buy them again. ( i know why but it’s a pain )

am free sat and sun happy for any time really

I’d love to, I’ve never done it before, but don’t have the time at the moment.
I’ll let you know if that changes

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I can throw up a campaign on dndbeyond with content sharing enabled if that’s of use. it’s called a campaign but it’s really just ‘a group of players and characters’.

I can also create games on roll20 with the dynamic lighting or whatever, but i don’t own any of the content on there. Lost Mines of Phandelver however i believe is a free module, so it might be worth a look.

I can be free saturday daytime/evening, sunday daytime, or odd evenings through the week on occasion

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that would be fantasic!

i’ve been messing about with another app called astral tabletop and i can upload files to it for hand out’s and stuff and it has a map thing and it’s freeish

i have a discord set up using a template i found no idea how to use it but i have it