Dying Light 2 reveal demo


Watched most of the xbox stream with Reno, this was the only thing i got interested in.

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This does seem interesting. The whole choices part of the video has me intrigued

Dying Light is one of those rare games that I just keep coming back to - absolutely love it, still have it installed and still come back to it every now and then. I’m pretty stoked for this, probably a pre-order purchase for me.

Omg omg omg OMG.

Avellone as narrative director! I turned all three-year old girl when I heard that. He literally walked out and started talking about choice and consequence. A game where you can reshape the world and all the choices are ‘no-win’ is dripping with hot, steamy Chris Avellone :smiley:

Now we’ll find out that the protagonist has forgotten their past life, but now seeks to define themselves through the analysis of their instinctive reactions to each choice as directed by the player who represents the sum of the suppressed memories that influence their perspective on the world and then viewed through the lense of their emotional awareness of the environment they have crafted through their actions.

At which point, Avellone will have achieved pure-Avellone, a singularity will form with a single ping - like an old typewriter - and the universe will be revealed to have always been a choose-your-own-adventure with a single question. “Are you your own maker, or are you made?”


…you gotta purty mouth…

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