"E3 2018: Command & Conquer: Rivals Announced For Mobile at EA Play"


In Rivals, players will face off against their opponents in an attempt to destroy their enemy’s base before they themselves are destroyed. In order to expedite the matches, players will battle over two to three control points on the game’s various maps. If a team controls the majority of points when the timer reaches zero, then a missile will be fired at their opponent’s base.

Players will also be able to build decks where they’ll be able to select their commanding general, what units they want to bring into battle, and what special weapon they want access to. Once in the game, players will need to build harvesters and gather Tiberium in order to make barracks, vehicles, and tech units. Combat plays out in a sort of rock, paper, scissors style where players have to react to their opponents moves properly in order to maintain dominance. For example, a player may need to make more rocket launcher units in order to take out an enemy’s helicopters because their tanks can’t fire into the sky and are getting pummeled. Along with the standard units, each general has a special attack like a super turret they can place on any revealed area of the map or a laser satellite strike that takes damages all units in a certain area.

I play mobile games and see they have a place and can be good experiences, but this feels like a big fat turd in the cereal of C&C fans to have the game die off only to be resurrected as a mobile game and not even in an attempt to fill a gap in the mobile market with a proper scaled down RTS - this looks and sounds more like a deck builder towder defence with units - EDIT: I haven’t played it so can’t say personally but apparently this sounds like it migt well be trying to ape Clash of Clans.

Christ, EA, did some one tell you your C&C audience are in to BDSM or something?!


the gameplay i saw on the eaplay stream looked fu. Westwood is long dead so we wouldn’t get a true C&C game again anyway and the last true C&C game was 4 and it was a flaming turd

it is in open beta on android i think so could always try it out …

C&C has had a steady decline since generals, which must be over a decade ago now. I’d love a straight forward HD remaster of say the first 4 games, but i wouldn’t trust EA to deliver it. C&C has become just another brand they’ll try to slap on anything to improve sales. RIP C&C.

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