E3 2018 thread


Throwing this up for general chat.

RPS E32018 tag feed.


Pip has gone fekin BONKERS!!!

Love it :heart_eyes:


Yeah I may have done… I hope it’s not too much :see_no_evil:


I am gonna say no - tis brill! It’s like we have our very own ZiiP E3 correspondant! :smiley:

I feel most spoiled and privalidged. Privaliaged. Priva… fuck it - SPOILT! :joy:


Praise our lord and saviour, Pip: Giver of knowledge, master of the E3 news feed.



Hell no man, well done. You’ve put in relevant information, not spamming any ol’ shite relating to the topic, just the keynote videos and details. Approved


Thaaaaaaaaaanks… Although in all my excitement I may have posted Devil May Cry 5 twice… And cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete my own thread … haha. Could someone tell me how, or if not possible delete the one that doesn’t include E3 2018 in the title please and thanks.


Sorted for you :slight_smile: