E3 2021 - Digital

I’ll try my best to find as much content as possible as always, but atm my mind is all over the place.

However I thought I’d start the thread now just in case others find some cool shizz to share :slight_smile:


Here we go … Summer Games Fest Day 1


Lost Ark is finally released in the West? Honestly that game is fairly good, like an evolution of Diablo merged with a MMO. My only problem playing it in Korea was its grindy nature, business model and the language barrier. The story seemd really convoluted.

The presentation was fairly cool. That being said, its been almost 2-3 years since I last played it, unless they updated the engine a bit and maybe some game mechanics it might be slightly out of date. I also wonder what business model it might be. In Korea it was a FTP with a stupid amount of microtransactions.

The latter was very offputting. Depending on its reviews and moneytisation I might just give it another try.

Ive been wanting to play this for bloody yonks!! Long as its not silly with paid stuff… defo wanna give this a good look :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or do ALL those games look very, very samey? :thinking:

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Me: meh, all a bit samey, nothing really stands out

Also me: Oo! Evil Dead! (Even though it’s tree same as all those other 4 player co-op one plays as demon games)

Endless Dungeon and Blood Hunt look kinda cool. Not sure about Tiny Tinas Wonderland, the last Borlderands was allright in terms of gameplay but fuck were the two main vilains pathetic and annoying.

ALSO HOW THE FUCK DID I OVERLOOK METAL SLUG TACTICS. I recognised the artwork quite quickly, I follow the guy responsible for that on instagram. Really cool retro 80 & 90s anime style.

I’ll add Ubi etc later, not up to date on that yet… So first


A LOT of these are Game Pass day 1 for PC.


Square Enix

Is it weird I really like the idea and look of the Guardians game?? I think that could be pretty fun :slight_smile:

It’s been getting slated from what I’ve been told. I’m in 2 minds about it. Same with the avengers game. Nearly got it a few times but reviews keep stopping me

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I think it looks great. Love the DmC style combat and the fact that it’s a single player narrative story excites me more than Avengers.

Stalker 2 is almost a must buy for me, the original series (main + addons) was awesome, still I get the feeling we barely seen anything from it over the years. I already preordered Diablo 2 Resurrected because I like how it looks, great previews and I’m weak minded when it comes to D2.

Guardians COULD be nice, the combat looks snappy and a more Starlord centered gameplay means less probability for a mess like Avengers.

Starfield looks dope but after the last time I will be cautious to get excited.

Otherwise a few interesting titles, AoE4, The Ascent, aint bad! Atomic Heart looks intriguing,

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The Ascent looks like it could be fun. I’m not even sure if I still have the games pass subscription going! :smiley:

Forza H looks like it may flick a switch for me. Got me buying H4…