"EA buys out a game studio after shutting another one down 3 weeks ago"


EA confirmed via a press release on Thursday that it had acquired the video game studio Respawn Entertainment. The studio, co-founded by former Infinity Ward chiefs and Call of Duty co-creators in the wake of their departure from Activision, has been bought out in a deal whose total value could reach $455 million.

The news by itself may seem odd, considering that EA shut down one of its other wholly owned studios, Visceral Games, only three weeks ago. A report from Kotaku sheds light on why EA made the move: as a response to another game publisher, Korea’s Nexon, making a formal bid to buy Respawn outright. Nexon currently publishes a mobile spinoff of Respawn’s Titanfall shooter series. Kotaku, citing sources close to the matter, claims that Nexon had bid over $400 million to buy the company outright. EA exercised its contractual right to match the offer, Kotaku says, and it ultimately outbid Nexon.

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Respawn Entertainment closure announcement in 3…2…1…

Or they shut down Visceral in order to be able to buy Respawn?

Will enquire where I can and see if there is any rumblings among their staff about this.

Why would they buy it for $455 Million just to shut it down?

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Respawn make titanfall dont they?

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It’s EA! Why have they bought and then shutdown all the studios they have?!

They buy them, force changes on their IP and then when things go end-up they shut them down and move them on.


In fact, here is a list of studios they’ve done this to from 2015: Link

  • Maxis (SimCity) - Purchased by EA in 1997; shut down in 2015. [Though EA says the “Maxis” brand will live on—and the studio currently behind The Sims continues to use the label—the Emeryville-based development house that served as the main descendant of what Will Wright created back in 1987 is officially no more.]

  • Mythic (Dark Age of Camelot) - Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2014.

  • Bullfrog (Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper) - Purchased by EA in 1995; shut down in 2001.

  • Origin (Ultima, Wing Commander) - Purchased by EA in 1992; shut down in 2004.

  • Westwood (Command & Conquer) - Purchased by EA in 1998; shut down in 2003.

  • DreamWorks Interactive/Danger Close/EA Los Angeles (Medal of Honor) - Purchased by EA in 2000; shut down in 2013.

  • Phenomic (SpellForce, BattleForge) - Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2013.

  • Black Box Games (Need for Speed, Skate) - Purchased by EA in 2002; shut down in 2013.

  • Pandemic (The Saboteur) - Purchased by EA in 2008; shut down in 2009.

  • PlayFish (The Sims Social) - Purchased by EA in 2009; shut down in 2013.

  • NuFX (NBA Street) - Purchased by EA in 2004; shut down in 2007.

  • Visceral Games (1998 – 2017)

  • Victory Games (2010 – 2013)

Couple of these from this article: link

Business is business, but business is soulless.


Yeah Hamster.


RIP titanfall; there’ll be one more, it’ll have forced changes that make it a better game (more profitable) but less enjoyable, and then it’ll be done. Though i didn’t get into them, i believe that’s similar to what happened with deadspace 3?

no idea how they’ll do with a star wars game, i suppose we don’t know enough about it. I’d like to think EA want something like titanfall 2s campaign but in the star wars universe, but i know they don’t, what they want is money, and somewhere an analyst has suggested combining two other ‘good’ things will make something even more profitable.

the business to be in isn’t game development, it’s studio building. Obviously what you need is money rather than skills, so you can buy equipment, hire devs and a workspace. but the aim is to make a studio you can sell to a publisher, then you start another one. who gives a shit about what they make or the people who work for them, right? It’s not like people will stop buying whatever games they’re told to.

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I’m a bit confused about the Star Wars game situation - are Respawn taking over the project Visceral were working on or were they working on yet another project of their own?

What I read about the project from Visceral, it was taken out of their hands and given to a different EA studio in Canada.

Given that EA have exclusive on the Star Wars license, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have 50 million Star Wars projects in the works.

As far as I was aware, they were working on their own SW project.

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Ahh ok, it would make sense for EA to be rinsing the license while they have access to it, especially if Disney’s revenue sharing demands for their movies are anything to go by.

There is no star wars video game IP because dark forces, jedi knight, outcast and academy all never happened anymore :frowning: and there’s no more xwing or tie fighter, because no one wants to play space games anymore (i assume, i always find this weird because star wars + no gravity made them an excellent introduction to flight-based games, and there are still plenty of space games). That arcadey pish in battlefront does not count as a substitute.

From the stuff I’ve read in interviews with guys who were at visceral, it tooks weeks or months to get responses on stuff that normally would be approved in hours or days, because everything they do needed to be run by Disney. There was also stuff about EA wanted a big single-player cinematic action game to challenge Uncharted, but they don’t have a team that’s done that before, which is why i figure that might be what the respawn guys end up doing as TF2s campaign was good. I doubt EA want a slick multiplayer star wars experience from them that’d compete with battlefront. which sucks, because Titanfall 2 is a more polished game than i can remember EA producing. Ever.

I think we’re lacking a sci-fi, space-centric IP who’s creators want their fans to enjoy it rather than trying to breed and milk a larger cash cow.




I feel like whatever we get will be more rebel assault than dark forces or tie fighter. I’d play a remake of rebellion/supremacy (a strategy game encompassing everything after episode IV), or an updated Empire at War, but i’ll not hold my breath.

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in all fairness i was reading a thing on Viceral games and the star was games they were making and they were not running them selfs very well and pissing money up the wall and EA gave them more chances then they should have before they were shut down there closers was there own doing more then anything

article for your readings


Yeah I read that, apparently it was down to a combination of over-oversight from management because of stringent Disney and EA requirements and because of huge personality conflicts with the producer from Uncharted.

Still though, that is some reputation for closing studios!

Well if EA actually would have allowed a reasonable staff for the game most of the issues wouldn’t have arrised in the first place. I’m not saying EA is the only one to blame from what I’ve read, but it seems to me lots of the issues where staff related.

If your most experienced staff member is assigned to a new team with major drawbacks like no experience in this particular genre, no right hand to deligate some of the work, an engine which is a pain in the ass to use and so on, I can easily understand why she acted like she did. I acted very similar in Japan with my project, which I finished in the given time frame, but not in the “wished” for time frame. Mix that with the typical pressure and bad staff moral (the BF:Hardline part) and you have a disaster on your hand that is very difficult to get out off.