Earth 2

Soo. You may or may not have heard of Earth 2. It’s a new concept that either falls into the category of “Future epic thing” or “Bullshit Bullshit”. Time, will indeed tell.

In a nutshell, the earth has been broken up into 10x10 meter squares that people can buy plots of at the moment. These land areas act like real estate - they can be built on, sold, mined… etc etc. The whole thing is in its infancy at the moment. If you want to read up on it, feel free:

I’m very sceptical of course. But I do consider @Naloac’s pad our zombie apocalypse rendezvous. So I purchased that under the name of ZiiP as our HQ. Just incase this takes off :slight_smile:

Earth 2

Interesting to see how this develops…