EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

For those who haven’t heard of EDF, its a horde/kaiju coop game with four very different classes with different specialisms, loads of unlocks and loads of missions each with several difficulty levels - link.

Beware: Annoying youtuber voices:


  • Ranger - Soldier class with two weapon options choosing from a big variety of all the normal weaponry you’d expect from ARs, rifles, nades, nade launchers, a variety of missile launchers, lock on weapons, support items like health guns
  • Air Raider - Support class with a personal weapon option (only unlocked the remote mine launcher so far), support items/weapons (Smoke markers for howtzers/air strikes, laser guidance systems, laser guided missiles) and a vehicle option (Tanks, APCs, Walkers and Choppers) that can be piloted or used as transport by other members of the team. Capable of some serious hurt. Some of the vehicles require 2/3 people to fully pilot like the Mammoth Tank looking mega tank or the attack chopper that both require 3 people to full pilot.
  • Wing Diver - Anime lady with silly armour, her baps out and a jump jet pack. Uses energy weapons that loosely follow the Ranger weapons but with some variation.
  • Fencer - Walking tank. Dude in a big, slow suit of heavy armour with four weapon options split in to two sets that you switch between. By default its a gattling gun with a shield and a CQB shotgun spike thing with a 30mm sniper cannon. All sorts of different options including dual gattling guns, laser guided weapons (the laser guidance comes from someone playing as the air raider) and explosive optoins.

Enemies include:

  • Ants - Variations of these including grey, red and giant flying ants
  • Spiders - Big web weaving spiders that catch the Wing Diver units, smaller jumping spiders that tether and try to eat you
  • Air drones
  • Big walkers that are several stories tall with closer combat and long range arty versions
  • Shield walkers
  • Transport ships that drop/release all of the above
  • Motherships
  • Space Godzilla

Most missions are just variations of: Kill all of the scary giant shit or kill this specific scary giant shit.

It doesn’t look pretty, but for £15.49 its been a good laugh even just in single player, the way the classes are setup and how those guys play with each other in the above video suggests the multiplayer might be good fun if anyone already has it/fancies grabbing it?

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