Elon Musk

Actually called an ex-pat a paedophile because they live in Thailand. Wow. Seriously gone down in my estimations of being one of the planet’s ‘good guys’.

Saw that, yeah, stinks of sour grapes that some people didn’t like his idea and didn’t make it their priority. Not sure where ‘because they live in Thailand’ comes from mind.


I think he’s just high on his own reputation, which we the public (probably not specifically you or I) must be more responsible for than him; there’s definitely more of us feeding his ego than there is of him feeding on the praise. Never thought he was one of the planets good guys, or he’d be a lot less wealthy and have done a lot more good for a lot more people by now. He’s a rich asshole who’s managed his public persona better than a lot of others (the winning tactic btw is to not have one, that’s why Elon Musk makes more noise than any of the forbes rich list top 10).

Place bets now for who you think the internet’s next messiah will be.

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The bit where he refers to him being an expat. I presume “(sus)” means “suspicious”.

ah, so i read that as ‘suspected’ in that he wasn’t sure if the british guy lives in thailand or is just a British man who happens to be in Thailand right now (because he’s already referred to him as an expat, so then pointing him out as living in thailand seems redundant to me), which i figured backed up the idea he’d not met him in person (or didn’t remember/realise he had).

Now I’m wondering whether he’s confused by a combination of Thailand’s sex tourism industry and the fact the US specifically keeps it on a watch list for human trafficking, and came to the conclusion that foreign people living in thailand do so because they can have sex with children. Surely a man of such impeccable character and intellect wouldn’t act like that particular brand of asshole on the internet because someone didn’t respond positively to his submarine suggestion?

The bet you a signed dollar bit though marks him out as exactly that particular brand of asshole.

Dammit Jes, you reduced my already paper thin faith in humanity further.

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It’s so disheartening to see.

I really admired his companies and the vision he spoke of. But his social media antics are just the worst.

I still admire the work SpaceX and Tesla are doing. But maybe this man needs a timeout and let his businesses take off (pun unintended) without him.

That or get someone to put him in a box without a media presence.

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Original article.

Elon Musk could face lawsuit for calling cave rescuer a “pedo guy”

A diver who helped rescue boys trapped in a Thailand cave may sue Elon Musk after the tech billionaire called the rescuer a “pedo guy.”


I’ve drawn comparisons between Musk and Peter Weyland in my head for ages and while Weyland didn’t call anyone a pedo in the lore/story so far as I’m aware, he was painted as being a very successful, very intelligent guy who was also a scumbag of a human being so I think it fits. For all we know there is a future Twitter where Weyland Tweets about the lost LV426 colony, calling out the Ripley and the marines as Xeno-touchers.


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He’s issued an apology:

Oh and some Crypto scammers have jumped on to it and posted along with it to try and lure people in! (see lower Tweets).

Ah, old Elom Tusk, up to his usual shenanigans.

Good that he’s apologised, but i notice the tactical ‘if’ as required (potentially be lawyers) to not be seen accepting responsibility for or acknowledging the obvious offense caused.

Seriously, ‘if i offended anyone’? He can’t tell if anyone was offended, or who? I get that it isn’t rocket science and is therefore outside his wheelhouse, but surely he pays someone to give him a fucking clue.