Empire Total War

Thought I’d share some screenshot from my latest ETW campaign.

When you turn up to a fight with a musket and the enemy bring Heavy Cavalry. Don’t worry, Engineers have got your shit covered…

I love organising proper defenses in ETW. However, there is always someone is a bit “special”. Muppet…

Sorry Horsey… No way though… :smiley:


Different battle. This is one of the few occasions where I actually managed to surround the enemy, cutting off their rout route…

Pretty evil… just made the circle tighter and tighter. No quarter given I’m afraid, they’d only regroup and re-attack.

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Sometimes, you get caught out - being attacked in a town with no defences with just a local garrison force… Meant setting up a defensive position between buildings and striking/retreating - Amazingly, with just 24 men left, and on the verge of being killed… the enemy routed!



Even local garrison units, used with the right defences and in lines to cover each other can wipe out a much larger force…

Absolute bloodbath in the end…


Genuinely one of my favourite Total War games. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge the validity of the complaints - and I greatly appreciate the actually ‘great’ games (Shogun 2, Attila - love that one! - , the new Warhammer games) - but it’s just so fucking involving.

The expanded world map with a touch of that Paradox style complexity. The more complex trade, empire expanse, logistics of maintaining a global presence. That sexy, sexy musket warfare. There’s something almost erotic (For the record, I’m aware how creepy I’m sounding about virtual death, right now) about managing the tactical positioning of your force correctly and watching an enemy force melt under organised, near-continuous volley fire.


Medieval total war for me couldn’t get my head around the musket warfare 100+ men firing over level ground at a force of 40 and being defeated :sweat: give me knights and horsey lancers any day


Exactly my thoughts too. I love the fact that you have to manage the political side of things… that you have Gentleman that can either stay at home researching stuff… or send out into the fray to duel other Gentleman or steal research from Universities. I like how you have to promote religion to sway new countries to your way of thinking - and if you progress too fast in the world of Science, they get upset.

But most of all, as you alluded to, researching doctrines like fire-by-rank allow you to bring down so much volley fire so fast, you can normally rout a charging enemy. That’s great to watch close up. HOLD… HOLD… HOOLLDDDDDD… FIIIIRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!

I never really got into Attila. I prefer Medieval II or Empire. Napoleon TW isn’t bad if you haven’t played it - a more advanced version of Empire.

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So I was debating with myself on buying Total War: Warhammer 2 and as I saw this thread I though maybe someone played it and has some advice?

If you have basically no idea about Warhammer is it worth picking up? I watched a couple of games and it looks kinda fun! I heard good things about the big campaign mode too but I’m still a bit indecisive.


I watched some videos on it and it just doesn’t give me that semi that most of the total war games do

And your right jess I might give it another crack
But am highly impatient the amount of times I jumped the gun on thinking an enemy was done and got my butt handed to me was insane haha

Love how this game has got a mini revival just after I installed it. Need to go back to my saved game, and finish of the French.

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I have and played the first Warhammer Total War, not sure the second is going to be much of an advance…

I really enjoyed it initially, but found it to be a drag once I started to get large amounts of territory. The AI is such that once that you really start to get strong everyone else goes for you, which is understandable. I usually turtle and play the long game with these things but I thought I’d try the orcs which have a warband, roaming playstyle, which was an enjoyable mechanic, again up to a point. I combined that with ignoring everything apart from the undead armies, knowing that at a certain point the chaos hordes come down from the North I wanted safe flanks. But low and behold, by the time you’ve smashed a few vampire strongholds you have a hell of a distance to travel to get back up to … well you can see where this is going.

Quite likely I was playing a poor game strategically but unless you put it on easy mode this seems fairly consistent with orcs. Humans - everyone is backstabbing even when (once again) you’re concentrating on securing flanks from the undead. Reminds me a lot of playing Rome when you over-stretch politically as well as territorially…

The battles are really quite a blast, lots of different mechanics, great levelling up for your nobles/lords/warbosses with some great abilities/mounts etc. This is where the game really shines (as expected) and at some point I’ll probably fire it back up and just have a blast with battles. Pick it up if cheap :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a blast with it. Took my fave one (shogun 2) and ran forward with that game’s particular focus.

What i love is that it doesn’t FEEL like a traditional Total war game. The mad units and the way the campaign works is enough to upset the usual way the games work. Each faction feels distinct, unique and powerful.

I thought it’s been a great advance. but then again I’ve been just getting to grips with the mechanics mostly. I’ll offer up more thoughts as I play. But so far, really enjoying it.

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Actually, total Warhammer 2 is a pretty significant improvement - particularly in its own campaign, versus the big ‘multi-game’ one.

The races are, for the most part, like the DLC races from the first one, i.e. actually interesting. The Skaven with their corruption that increasingly hurts themselves but also allows them to summon more and more units anywhere on the battlefield in corrupt areas, crawling from the ground. Not to mention their hidden cities.

The lizardmen with their enormous dinosaurs that are hugely powerful but cannot be controlled - instead, needing to be deployed ‘at the right moment’ and the chaos exploited.

The campaign mechanic with the massive attacks once you’ve captured the next objective (related to how that campaign works, capturing power points), meaning that being the most powerful often puts you in the position of being the weakest, as you’re ahead on the global objectives and have large buffs but have been ground down by huge chaos attacks. It creates this rhythm of unsustainable but powerful defense, then struggling offense as you marshal your stragglers and go on the attack.

There’s a lot to be said for it, essentially.


i enjoyed the first and i’m enjoying the second. Each of the races plays VERY differently, which separates it from other TW games for me.

unfortunately in my campaign i’m playing as high elves, whose tactics are sometimes limited to ‘shoot it and shoot it some more’.