Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Have to say I do like the look of this…



Empyrion features space & planetary exploration, building & construction, mining & resource gathering, survival, crafting, as well as space & land combats. Using the Unity 3D engine, Empyrion uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. The game is currently under development by Eleon Game Studios.

Empyrion is about building and survival in a hostile environment. You can build everything out of blocks and building parts like in Minecraft: large starships, small spaceships, space and planetary stations, as well as facilities such as mining robots and solar panels.
Your mobile home base is a self-created starship (your mothership) that is able to fly from planet to planet (and warp between the to-be-introduced multi-solar systems later in development!). To access and explore a planet, you build one or several, small spaceships that can enter the planet’s orbit and land on the planet’s surface. Equip your mothership and spaceships with weapons to defend yourself against other players and NPC enemies.

For building and construction, you must gather and mine resources. You will find these resources on planets and asteroids. Empyrion features several planet types such as desert, ice, lava, barren, oceanic, temperate and gas planets. Each of them is different and has its own characteristics and potentially unforgiving conditions. To survive, you have to adapt to a planet’s unique environment. Initially, you face an uncharted universe with only basic information about the planets, their resources, and (potentially dangerous) life forms. Before your first landing on a planet, you will not know exactly what awaits you – be prepared for any surprise.

Looks like No Mans Sky and Minecrafts love child, interesting.

Wondering if the multiplayer aspect would let a Fleet of ZiiP Starships invade systems and take them over lol

Do you get the slight feeling that Star Citizen may be getting to the point where other games (and game developers) are catching up with their ‘idea’ … maybe not in scale, or in detail, or being as pretty as SC - but certainly in its principle and scale.

They may just be on the verge of losing their niche. If that happens, the fallout could be huge.

In short, no.

In medium, …maybe not in scale, but in scale? By principle do you mean ‘has space’?

in long....

I don’t think this is aimed at star citizens space-flight-simulation/prettiness/high-end niche, it looks more like a survival/crafting sandbox, maybe equal parts space engineers, ark, and no mans sky (the least spacey of the space games). If it supports allocating different crew roles and tying them to functions, then also pulsar/artemis.

I’m not aware of anyone targeting SC’s particular niche. it looked like there’d be a bit of competition between it and E:D, but it’s become apparent SC is aiming significantly higher and E:D was developed around the idea of getting a game to some ‘finished’ state where it could be released. NMS talked a good game right up until people could play it, but the people hoping it would be a competing space-flight game have been left pretty disappointed. I can’t think of another space-flight sim in recent years without going into KSP territory, certainly nothing combat oriented, or anything with a story/campaign. House of the Dying Sun? That probably qualifies under space-flight sim, but again, it’s not attempted to compete with E:D or SC. The X series would have been close but they messed up their last release and alienated a lot of users who wanted something closer to E:D or SC. They did it so badly they lost people who wanted a more story driven campaign AND the people who wanted to do space-empire building in a sandbox. That took some doing.

I’m not keen on the apparently inflammatory statement ‘I’m not having a go but…’, but i’m genuinely struggling to see the connection between this and star citizen aside from them having things in space? They seem like very different genres.

In terms of Empyrion, it looks like a nice idea, but that’s a lot of features they’re implementing that other games have already done very well, that they’re going to need to equal or better. It could be good for a laugh as a group short term, but beyond that i guess you may need to find a suitable community/server to play on.

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My original comments weren’t really just focused on this particular title as being a direct comparison, but more the market as a whole. I probably didn’t put that across.

I’m not a huge player of space-sim-flight-adventure type games. So my point was more inquisitive than attempting to state fact… Maybe I’ll use more question marks in future :wink: - so if there are no links at all - then coolio :slight_smile:

What I was getting at really is the DayZ effect. Someone creates a new spin on a genre (or something completely new) and that first pioneer has such a grand vision for their creation, that it never becomes a completed article… but for a period of time, they will be the only players in the market. But as other companies start to notice the popularity of a market, they join in… and I just wonder really if the space/sim/exploration model is becoming more and more popular to the point where SC gets dwarfed by cheaper (albeit, possibly inferior) competition.

Ok, that makes more sense then.

Isn’t that how everything goes? New thing comes along, people love new thing. some people like it so much that they make their own versions of new thing. some are bigger, some are faster, some are cheaper. New thing evolves over time, people stop using and start abandoning other things in favour of new thing, making those things old things. eventually new thing is just a thing, no one remarks at things, they’re just ubiquitous and accepted and people are more likely to remark on when they encounter old things in a sea of things. Then new thing comes along.

I think the dream is to have a space game where you can do whatever you want, but that’s not possible; even VERY open sandbox games like GTA or DF have to have rules and limitations, they’re coded, they can’t deal with contextual ambiguation, so that ideal is never going to be realised.

In most ‘space’ games, space is just a setting with whatever sci-fi aesthetic that might involve; build a thing IN SPACE, race against people IN SPACE, play an rts IN SPACE, play a horror fps IN SPACE. Then there are actual space games, that have features that are specific to space in some way (KSPs orbital mechanics, Homeworlds 3d space battles, shattered horizons low gravity shenanigans) where being in space is actually the twist on an existing genre

Space flight sims are a bit of an oddity, as ‘regular’ flight-sims are already quite niche, and space-flight sims tend to be a little more accessible due to 1) Movie IPs; thanks X-Wing and TIE Fighter 2) There is no gravity or ground in space, so you focus on what you’re doing and not so much just keeping in the air. This is the niche that i think is relatively under-represented at present.

I think it’s complicated by the fact that Elite and Frontier are so damn old, but combined space-flight ‘sim’ with exploration, trade, politics, as well as just combat, and did it well (or well enough given the technology available). The idea of having a space exploration game where you explore 3d space, across a huge map, land on planets, trade stuff, fight, refit your ship etc isn’t anything new, and it’s remained pretty niche for the last 34 years. It’s had hits (freelancer, X2 and X3, E:D probably counts), it’s misses (first encounters, x rebirth), and it’s current ‘golden age’ amounts to 2 games (3 if you include NMS which you shouldn’t), across the last 6+ years (SC kickstarter was 2012, E:D announced 2012 and released 2014, both were in development prior to being announced). For Elite, there was a 20 year gap between first encounters and dangerous. There’s a huge gap between wing commander and star citizen, with only freelancer and a shit wing commander movie inbetween. And there’s another huge gap between everything NMS could have been and NMS.

I think while you’re questioning if there’s going to be an abundance of space games and whether that could impact SC, I feel like there’s a dearth of space games, and more competition to SC would be welcome but unlikely.

E:D gets criticism for what it is, NMS for what it could have been, and SC wants to improve on them for sure (space flight AND detailed locations wtf?!?), but gets it’s flack for not being finished. Add in that X:R went down the single-player story focused route and was a miss, Egosoft are working on a subsequent X single-player game, and that star citizen is trying to incorporate a seperate single-player campaign (now a separate game), along with an FPS component, and that doesn’t leave enough middle ground for anyone to want to exploit. Someone would need to come up with a better game, that looks prettier, is larger, has more detail, has no bugs, does everything it advertised as well as something new, and it needs to be paid for and finished already.

On the other hand, it’s cryengine/lumberyard, so if Epic decided to throw money at a suitable studio (they have the money, they have an engine) then they could probably come up with some competition. I suppose what they’re missing is a Chris Roberts, a David Braben, or whatever isn’t a Sean Murray.

Seperately, on your allusion to DayZ, yeah SC is in a very similar place in terms of ‘here’s a thing we want to make, you folks are super excited, have bought into our vision for what it is, now excuse us while we go away and never finish it’, the difference being it was very easy for people to imitate DayZ because the world is packed with engines that can make an FPS, and that isn’t the case for space flight, SC having numerous issues on the back of choosing to repurpose an FPS engine for their space flight game.


There are so many of these ideas out there that go nowhere it’s not even funny any more.

The inventory of this game (presumably forever) will be:

  • timed gauges for certain resources to top up.
  • empty maps with “User generated” (i.e. kill other people and some non ai entities) content to explore
  • No story or any form of engagement with the player beyond setting them loose in a sparse map with some RNG elements about the place
  • grinding for said resources.
  • ganking new players. Honestly this was what did me in for DayZ.

The concepts interesting but unless they do anything to expand beyond “I have now survived and hit the top of the tech tree, what next?” that comes it will end up like every other multiplayer open world survival sim.

I really hope to eat my words with a concept that actually does the whole “Hostile galaxy to explore” thing. But I doubt it.

I am tempted to bring this up as a wider discussion but seeing as the last time I posted a thread like that people got defensive, so I’ll pass.

…well I’m gonna buy it… lol

…just bought it lol I’ll play it when you guys are No Mans Skying it :slight_smile:

…or shirt cocking it (Deadpool2) lol

It all depends what they do to differentiate it from the others, if anything.

Let us know how you get on with it, I’m curious but i might try and find more footage of it being played before diving in. But then there’s the whole ‘why is everyone on youtubes voice so fucking grating’ issue. donfagetalichensubscribe is not a word.

Nah post it, as the source of most derailments I’ll even keep my opinions to myself and limit myself to lurking if that is at all encouraging!