Epic games account locked

I think someone is trying to hack me though no idea what games I have from epic. Anyone any ideas?

Fortnite, unreal tournament

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Of which I don’t own either

find your epic games folder on your pooter?

Shadow Complex Remastered I think was kicking about as a freebie, only EPIC game I have installed.

I appear to have unreal on my pc.

I appear to have just had the same email.

I just got the email again.

I just got this now as well and enabled the 2-step security. I haven’t used Epic Launcher in fucking ages as I haven’t bothered with Fortnite since they changed to Battle Royale mode.

I’m guessing that Battle Royale is the source of it all as it’s become insanely popular worldwide.

Seems to go around, activated 2-step like 10min ago due to a mail I got. I actually have a Fortnite account, for the PvE part before the PvP became insanely popular.

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Epic Game Store, good or bad?

Depends who you ask. I need to use a vpn to buy any game as everything is region locked and for some reason not available yet in Korea. Once you bought it, I can freely install it. Similar to Steam but its far more of an issue due to the amount of games affected, as in all of them. Its some weird licensing issue they have with Korea.

I didn’t try to refund yet, but from what I heard its more difficult than Steam. It seems to be changed though, might take a while to take effect.

I couldn’t figure out how to use their support as initially there wasn’t one dedicated for the store, but they seemed to have changed that. Got an answer but it took a bit longer. Still that was within the first 2weeks of the platforms release.

Download rates are decent the UI looks newer and fresher BUT it also feels unfinished in a few places.

All in all its not bad, just not as polished as Steam but Valve has a massive headstart. I’m not a huge fan of their refund policy though, I don’t like jumping through 5 hoops just to get my money back!

Right now its a bit of a mixture, not a massive fan of how they get their deals BUT it might be good for the consumer in the long run to have another competitor to steam! They are far off though as lots of features we have on Steam doesn’t exist!