Escape from Tarkov

I think I started a thread on the old forums about this but I lost interest in it as few were playing survival games.

I have watched some videos on Youtube about this game and it is very dark and is appears complicated and very tense.

The link gives a better understanding of the game and includes a “beginners guide”.

It is multi-player - two military contractors against each other but you only use what you take into the map or pick up when you’re in the map. However…

What makes the game so exciting is that, while matches are session-based, with small groups pitted against each other in a world populated by AI enemies, gear is persistent. Whatever you have on you in a battle can be looted once you die, meaning that even the newest players carrying the most basic gear can see a huge payday with a few well-placed shots.

But in order to keep what you’ve found, you must make your way to one of the map’s exits. There are multiple exits for each faction, making ambushing and counter-ambushing a valid strategy for skilled groups.


Been watching this for a very long time Mic and been watching every vid that DevilDogGamer has been putting up on YT about it.

Let’s resurrect this tread with some footage.

Fogot to say that the HD version is still being processed by Youtube… not sure why it takes so long as I uploaded it in 1440p

Trying to see if anyone else is going to play this in the near future? Also shameless plug:

I am tempted to be honest but also just maybe not.

Ive been following this for ages and really want to pick it up but cant get enough game play time for it at the moment.