Ethanol enthusiasts thread

Come one come all and share what you’re drinking!

Tonight I have been mostly drinking some of my backlog of beers…

A couple of cans of ShinDigger La Vida Coco Coconut Sout (6.8%):

Delirium Red, a strong fruit beer (8%):

Delirium Nocturnum, a strong dark ale (8.5%):


Tonight, I had a nice bottle of Old Tom. 8.5%, available in Sainsbury’s. Personal fav.


And then a bottle of Duvel. We know what that is.

I find near me, Morrisons is by far the best place for beer compared to other supermarkets. They are the only ones to do King Cobra, Innis and Gunn Rum Cask Beer. Peroni special… and a host of other premium specimens.

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It can be really hit or miss for us. We can get really obscure and exotic stuff in a few places in town reliably but they’re expensive as fuck. We hit some good stuff in ASDA and Tesco sometimes, but the best luck we’ve had is Bargainbooze and it boggles my mind.

I grew up thinking those places were just shelves after shelves of cheap shit but they’ve got unreal selections of beers and spirits. The one we went in today had the ones above plus four kinds of Trapiste, a selection of Magic Rock stufff, some Cloud Water (though they are Manc), a selection of the ShinDigger (They’re Manc as well but a lot less common), three of the Delirium, two kinds of Chimmay, two Duvels, a smattering of other belgian stuff, a variety of different sours, more varieties of IPA than I’ve seen in one place before, a really obscure selection of spirits and a heinously good snack selection we successfully resisted.

And they were all comparatively reasonable in price. Each of mine were £3.99 where they’re up to £8 in bars in town for the Delirium and over £5 in the shops you’ll find them in. Kate’s sours were up to about £7 a can for the big cans but they can run £9+ in the places we drink around town.

On the topic of Old Tom: I swear to god it tastes different than how it did when I started drinking it in my late teens. Just doesn’t taste the same to me.

I won’t lie, I feel a strange sense of pride to hear Belgian beers listed. Not a fan of Duvel, myself, but that red Delirium is the best fruit beer I’ve ever tasted (except maybe Alexander Rodenbach, but that one is pretty rare to find).


A friend of mine has told me about Rodenbach before, supposed to be excellent.

I absolutely love Belgian beers. Tasty, lots of variety and a lot that are strong as The Hulk. There are a lot of strong beers available but Belgian strong beers get the tasty Vs strong just right for me.

One of my absolute favourites is Gulden Draak, the 9000 version too but I see that a lot less.

Have you tried the Mongozo fruit beer range? I’ve not had the Quinua one, the Mango is rancid, but the banana, coconut and surprisingly the Palmnut are really good.

My favourite fruit beer is Fruli, especially on draft. I can drink gallons of that beautiful stuff. I’ve been told its the ‘softdrink’ equivalent of fruit beers to a lot of people but it is damn tasty stuff.

The regular is okay, the oak aged grand cru is lovely, the cherry sour Alexander is fucking magnificent.

…and as simply as that, you and Morrow become fast friends. (I am so lucky I caught a typo there, I nearly wrote ‘fat friends’ :sweat_smile:)

As for my first contribution, a little warm day treat for tonight as an unnamed SOMEBODY protests if I drink large quantities of hard liquor on a Tuesday. I am basically a prisoner of conscience.

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Another Guldendraak lover?! There seem to be so few of us.

I’ve had Bush before but not that variety and I’ve never even seen Surfine before (The label sorta looks like a Detergent brand haha). I’ve seen Fagnes and Brugge Tripel before but never had them.

Is this sort of variety just available everywhere (corner shops/super markets/etc) over there or just in ‘beer shops’?

I was horrified to learn about alcohol in Finland while over there with @NaloaC - beer over 5% can only be bought from the state owned beer shop (Alko?) which has the least convenient opening times ever “Monday to Friday between 09:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday between 09:00 and 18:00.”.

They do make up for it by having some absolutley unreal selections in their bog-standard bars. The second place we had a beer had a good chunk of the Omnipollo range, some Rogue, some Buxton…I couldn’t decide what to even choose at first.

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Oh my God yes. All time favourite beer. You could say I like my beers the way I like my men: Rich, complex, dark. All it’s missing is angst, but I’ll settle for malt.
Quadruple version was only available in about four pubs in Ghent when I first tried it. And it comes in the most gorgeous dragon egg shaped glass.

The variety is available pretty much anywhere, though certain cities will have more local variants available (haven’t seen the Gulden Draak Quadrupel version much outside of Ghent). And there’s some beer pubs that have enormous menus with every possible obscure Belgian beer, like the Beer Capital in Leuven (Caolan might remember that place.)

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It does a bit! Like a sort of 1950s Mad Men kind of thing. Won a couple World Beer Awards so I figured I’d give it a shot, not much experience with saisons.

Fagnes is new on me, but Brugge Tripel is a nice one. Crisp, slightly ambered, nice spicy underpinning. Worth a go when you get the chance. Not mind-blowing exceptional, but undeniably good and drinkable.

Oh this is very common. Average supermarket will have something in the region of 40-100 beers on offer. Conveniently, they often stock a decent number of different varieties as well, thanks to local distributors offering different drinks from local breweries to different supermarket chains in different regions.

The real specialty beer shops have to be pushing between a few hundred up to a thousand varieties to really be able to justify their existence (and price bump).

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I am very jealous of both of you.

Its generic IPAs as far as the eye can see in most ‘beer shops’ here, at least arond where we live. There is Beermoth Cafe in town that sells a hundred or so of decent variety but like I say they know they’re niche so they price as such.

Is that on draft or from the bottle?! I’ve only ever had bottled!

Have you two had much of the Omnipollo range over there? I wonder if you might get more of it than we do. For a glutton like me they’re incredible. Two favourites of mine:

Omnipollo NOA Pecan mud cake:

And my absolute, hands down favourite which is now impossible to get - Yellow Belly Sundae:

We’ve found draft about, though it’s a bit rare to find the 9000 on draft - did find one place in Leuven last week though, which led to a night I don’t remember very well. The regular is pretty straight-forward to find, though!

Sadly not, that one’s news to me. One of the downsides of living in a country with such a strong beer culture is that there’s not really much importing of beer. I guess the logic is the whole ‘why bring ice to eskimos?’ thing. As such, some things - like stouts or beers steeped with anything other than fruit or spices - are only really now starting to show themselves as Belgian breweries catch on to the idea.

That is, at least in terms of proper commercially available bottlings. Sure, if you go to a beer festival or something you’ll find red ales aged in bourbon barrels lined with peanut butter and then soaked up in sourdough bread and squeezed out over maple syrup waffles and that kind of madness.

What the hell? You tried one of the crazy ones like that?

Had a can of First World Problems tonight.


Probably wasn’t cold enough.

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I get shouted at by some beer wankers at work for chilling my beers down for a day or two.

They just taste better ice cold.

Initial taste test of the Saison. Morrow decided to document the process briefly.

First, one must take the time to let the flavours and smells mingle, focusing purely on the senses and forgoing all distractions. Mmm, thoughtful

Next, one must reflect on the experience, put words to sensations, harness flavour memory to marshall feelings into describable concepts

It’s a fucking art, I tell you


I heard this in my head reading that:

I also got some ‘Food and Drink’ vibes from the description.

10/10, would read again.

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For real, if you record yourself narrrating that post I’ll use my best (read:total amateur) Audacity skills to cut it together with that track. I think the world needs it.

On a different note, what is everyone’s spirit of choice?

Obviously excluding my physical dependance on Jagermeister, one of the biggies for me is Four Roses Small Batch (pretty much any bottle of Four Roses really):

Though it is viewed as heresy to drink this sort of thing with mixers, I picked up a recipe from Roger from American Dad weirdly - The Roy Rogers:

  • A Can of your preferred cola
  • A decent shot of Grenadine syrup (25ml standard, 50ml for those with a sweet tooth)
  • Your preferred amount of your chosen bourbon (50-75ml personally but I’m a dirty fat glutton)
  • A decent amount of ice

For me, tequila. Ideally a bottle of good 100% agave blanco tequila because I love the peppery, savoury flavour that a good fresh tequila has. I can enjoy anejos and repasados but the sweetness and woodiness is taking away from what I want, not adding.

That said, a good gently smoky rum or whisky is beautiful. A rich toffeeish brandy, mmm. Love some gin, even just to sip icy cold dry-martini style. Pisco and cachaca are gorgeous. I’d never say no to an old jenever. Spicy rye whiskey is my fuckin jam. That said, a nice wheat’y bourbon ain’t no bad thing either. I can be easily persuaded into a grappa. On the elixir-side, I adore Chartreuse and very much like benedictine.

Actually, basically I like everything but vodka. Pfft to you vodka!

…except in White russians. Then I luv you again vodka <3


Cloud Water Stout made with cacao nibs and aged in Jim Beam barrels, 13%, tasty stuff:


Bit of a random one this. Was discussing boozes from their home with a Slovakian mate, and this one came up and sounded interesting. Thought I’d grab a couple bottles for the shits and giggles.

Surprisingly tea tasting, a lot of red fruit as well. Makes for a really lovely boozy cup of tea. Way smoother than the percentage should allow, makes for pretty mind-destroying shots. Genuinely very decent!