Ethernet cable

Having just looked on amazon, seems a Cable isn’t simply a cable. I had heard of cat 5,but seems there is a cat 8…

After a 3m cable for pc to router. Pleaseto explain how I can get it wrong and what I should be buying.

Manies thankings :heart:

Simply the higher the CAT the higher the speeds you can get through them mate. In your house you’ll be fine with CAT 5, unless your in a data centre at yours you’ll not need CAT 7 or 8.

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That said if you can fine a one the length you need that is a higher CAT then get it, as it’ll let you have faster speeds.



Cat5e pantehs. Or Cat6 would be what your looking. 5e supports 1000Mbps Cat5 really 100Mbps.


Thank you peoples! :grin: