Even if you hate football games, please give this a read

I know many of you hate football but this is a thread that asks only one post from you and you can ignore it for the rest of your days (if you wish).

Now I don’t own FM2020; I could not get on with the demo but I played Fm2019 a lot.

So I thought I might include ZiiPsters in the game.

Everyone starts aged 17
Current potential starts at 80
Potential ability starts at 10-

For example a player with -10 potential ability will have a potential ability between 180-200. This will vary from save to save so this adds some variability to saves.

I will not be taking over a team and placing you all in it yet but I think I could do a player entry and run it for 5-10 years (UK Only - all divisions; Germany 1st Division, Spain La Liga, Italy - Serie A).

If you want to be a character in the game, this is what I need from you:

I know people don’t want to have their name out there in the ether so please make one up that you want to be known as; for instance, I will use Luca Tolle.

First Name
Nationality (fixed or flexible)
Foot (that you kick a football with): Left, Right, Both

Pick one of the following positions:

Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfield Defender, Midfield Attacker, Winger, Striker (or don’t care)

Choice of club: (this will based on clubs with a good track record in youth development outside the Prem)

AFC Wimbledon
(or don’t care)

And finally, what do you specialise in; pick one of the categories below and your character will have decent stats in the other two (between 5-14) but your specialised area will be between 15-20.

Are you more Physical, more Technical or more Mental (celebral approach) to playing football?

The last thing I need you to do is post a reply.

I will run the game every year and update you on your progress through the game; what club your at, contract details, clubs interested in you, playing career (domestic and international), transfer fees etc.

Thanks for reading.

Entry Form (please copy n paste and pick don’t care if you can’t be arsed)

First Name:
Fixed or Variable (F/V)
Foot (R/L/B):
Strength (P/T/M):


First Name: Buggsy
Surname: Jones
Nationality: British
Variable (F/V)
Foot (B): both
Position: Midfielder attk
Club: don’t care dealers choice
Strength (P/T/M): technical

Hope those are okay I can only play footy I don’t understand it haha

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work away mic

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First Name: Ro
Surname: Doyle
Nationality: Irish
Variable (F/V)
Foot: right
Position: defender
Club: don’t mind
Strength (P/T/M): M

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First Name: Silvester
Surname: Jester
Nationality: Mexican
Fixed or Variable V
Foot (R/L/B): B
Position: Rush Goalkeeper
Club: Charlton
Strength (P/T/M): P

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First Name: Caolan
Surname: Strongbad
Nationality: Finnish
Fixed or Variable (F/V): Variable
Foot (R/L/B): Right
Position: Don’t care
Club: Don’t care
Strength (P/T/M): P

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First Name: Luca
Surname: Tolle
Nationality: Italian
Fixed or Variable (F/V): V
Foot (R/L/B): B
Position: Striker
Club: AFC Wimbledon
Strength (P/T/M): T

First Name: Ad
Surname: Rock
Nationality: Scottish (why not, i’ve been allowed to claim citizenship for years and their international team is way easier to get into)
Fixed or Variable (F/V)
Foot (R/L/B): Right
Position: Winger
Club: AFC Wimbledon
Strength (P/T/M): M

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First Name: Scotty
Surname: Boy
Nationality: Scottish
Fixed or Variable (F/V) fixed
Foot (R/L/B): both
Position: Striker
Club: don’t care
Strength (P/T/M): t

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@spoonlamp/@st00kz - interested?

Sorry mic. Been meaning to get this done.

First Name: Joe
Surname: Stookz
Nationality: English
Fixed or Variable (F/V) fixed
Foot (R/L/B): R
Position: Defender
Club: don’t care
Strength (P/T/M): P

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@Leepants - PTM question is do you specialise in Physical, Technical or Mental

All done but still open for more.

If you are not interested but don’t mind me using your name (in some form) please post

Tanks in advance

First Name: JawZy
Surname: WarZy
Nationality: Bermuda (just to be different)
Foot (R/L/B): B
Position: DC
Club: Middlesboro (if I can Choose Boreham Wood)
Strength (P/T/M) Physical

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First Name: Spoon
Surname: Lamp
Nationality: German
Foot (R/L/B): L
Position: GK
Club: Any
Strength (P/T/M): Mental

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Technical, kplzthx

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Set Boreham Wood as your favourite club

Can I get some made up names 1st name/Surname and Nationality please?

First: Inigo
Surname: Montoya
Nat: Spanish