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the shame of it all…


A 22M bid for Rock rejected by Sunderland, who wanted more than 31M. Rock signs a new 5 year deal with a 35M release clause and a 26M non-promotion release clause; he will earn 26.5k p/w.

vs WBA (12th) (H) - Result: 0-0 DRAW
Pants (6.90), Stookz (6.90), Rock (6.80), Hamilton (6.80), Redzeplin (6.50), Buggsy (6.60)
Doyle (loan) 6.60

vs Bristol City (13th) (A) Result: 2-1 LOSS
Lamp (6.80, A1), Hamilton (7.0,YC), Buggsy (6.60)

International Call Ups
Scotland - Rock
Republic Ireland - Doyle
Morocco - Lamp
USA - Buggsy

vs Millwall (23rd) (H) - Result: 6-1 WIN
Jester (6.90), Pants (8.90), Stookz (8.20), Hamilton (8.20), Rock (7.80,A1,I46), Redzeplin (9.90,A1,G4,MoM)
Doyle Loan (6.80)

Rock suffered a twisted ankle in the match vs Millwall and will be out for a month

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vs Birmingham 11th (A) - Result: 0-2 WIN
Jester (6.90), Pants (7.3,A1,YC), Stookz (7.10,YC), Redzeplin (6.60), Buggsy (6.70)
Doyle Loan (7.70)

vs Ipswich 22nd (H) - Result: 3-1 WIN
Jester (6.80), Pants (7.0,YC), Lamp(6.50,YC), Hamilton (6.80), Buggsy (6.70)
Doyle Loan (8.30)

vs Cardiff 12th (A) - Result: 1-2 WIN
Stookz (6.90,YC), Redzeplin (7.20,A1,MoM), Buggsy (7.20)
Doyle loan - (6.70)

Rock is back from injury

14 Games gone

1st Sunderland 32 Points
2nd Stoke 31 Points
3rd Watford 28 Points
4th Aston Villa 27 Points
5th C Palace 25 Points
6th Blackburn 24 Points

Pants injured groin in training and is out for the week

vs Stoke 2nd (A) Result: 0-2 WIN
Stookz (7.30,YC), Hamilton (8.10,YC), Buggsy (6.80), Redzeplin (6.80)
Doyle loan 6.80

Redzeplin wins Young Player of the Month for October

International Call Ups
Scotland - Rock
Morocco - Lamp
N. Ireland - Hamilton
Republic Ireland - Doyle
USA - Buggsy

vs Reading 14th (H) Result: 2-0 WIN
Stookz (7.40), Hamilton (7.30), Redzeplin (6.70,YC)
Doyle loan (6.90)

vs QPR 21st (H) Result: 2-4 LOSS
Jester (6.60), Pants (6.60), Rock (6.80), Redzeplin (7.0,G1), Stookz (6.80)
Doyle loan (6.60)

vs Luton 21st (A) Result: 0-1 WIN
Lamp (6.60,I47), Buggsy (6.70), Hamilton (6.60)
Doyle Loan 7.70

Lamp injured his groin and is out for a month


There seems to be a lot of groin injuries :thinking::thinking:

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vs Swansea 13th (A) Result: 1-0 LOSS
Stookz (6.80,I66), Hamilton (6.80), Rock (6.90), Redzeplin (6.90), Buggsy (6.60)

Stookz has a damaged foot and is out for 3 weeks
Hamilton signs a new 5 year deal on a wage of 22.5k p/w. It has a minimum release clause of 38M or non-promotion of 28M

vs Crystal Palace 3rd (H) - Result: 1-0 WIN
Pants (7.0,A1), Redzeplin (6.70)
Doyle Loan (6.70)

vs Rotherham 24th (H) - Result: 2-0 WIN
Pants (6.80,YC), Hamilton (7.30), Rock (7.30,A1,YC), Buggsy (6.70)

FA Cup 3rd opponents Newport County Away.

vs Middlesboro 17th (A) - Result: 0-1 WIN
Pants (6.90,YC), Hamilton (6.90), Rock (6.50), Redzeplin (7.20,G1,MoM)

That’s cos Buggsy keeps trying to do the Panda pole dance nd getting everyone to follow suit…


vs Sheff Utd (11th) (H) result: 1-1 Draw
Pants (6.80,YC), Hamilton (7.10), Rock (6.60,A1), Buggsy (6.80,YC)
Doyle (Loan) 6.80

BOXING DAY vs Ipswich (23rd) (A) - Result: 1-1 Draw
Jester (6.70), Stookz (7.40), Hamilton (8.30,G1,MoM), Buggsy (6.90,A1), Redzeplin (6.70)

vs Stoke 3rd (H) Result: 1-1 Draw
Jester (6.80), Pants (6.90), Rock (7.90,G1), Redzeplin (6.70)
Doyle (loan) 7.00


Pants signs a new 4 year deal with a 47M release clause/ 35.5M Non Promotion Clause. He will earn 17k p/w

Jester signs new 4 year deal with a 30.5M release clause. He will earn 10.5k p/w

Brighton have a 20.5M bid for Rock rejected. Rock not interested in move

vs Newport County (A) FA CUP 3rd round - Result: 0-2 WIN
Jester (6.80), Hamilton (7.60,G1), Buggsy (6.80), Redzeplin (6.60)
Doyle (Loan) 6.40

FA CUP 4th Round vs C Palace (CH) (Home)

vs Millwall 21st (A) - Result: 0-0 Draw
Jester (6.80), Pants (6.90), Stookz (7.0), Hamilton (7.40,MoM), Redzeplin (6.70), Rock (6.60)

Lamp at African Cup

vs Notts Forest (6th) (A) - Result: 2-3 WIN
Jester (6.90), Pants (6.80), Stookz (6.80), Rock (8.0,A2)
Doyle (Loan) 7.0

vs Blackburn 11th (H) - Result: 0-0 DRAW
Hamilton (6.40), Redzeplin (6.50), Buggsy (6.70)
Doyle (loan) 6.90

Rock linked with Leicester in a 35M deal

vs Preston 18th (H) - Result: 2-1 WIN
Pants (6.90), Rock (7.1), Redzeplin (6.80)


vs C Palace FA CUP 4thR (H) - Result: 4-0 WIN
Stookz (7.30), Rock (8.30,G1)

FA Cup 5th Round - Everton (A)
Doyle signs new 4 year deal with 44M release clause. He will earn 13.5k p/w

vs Huddersfield 14th (A) - Result: 0-3 WIN
Pants (7.0), Rock (8.10,G1), Hamilton (6.40), Buggsy (6.90)
Doyle (loan) 6.80

Redzeplin refuses to sign a new contract