Everyone's thoughts on Covid vaccinations

Ok - so I don’t think there is anyone here who is anti-vaxx. I’m certainly not, having recently just had a tetanus boost myself.

But I’d say the majority here are also anti-Tory Government - and whilst I am a little c Conservative myself - I’m not waving my flag at the current crop wankers in power.

So how do we feel about a vaccine that has been fast-tracked by our medical institutions? Considering the lead-time on such research can normally take 12-18 months before first trials, these were done in about 3. I appreciate that there are blueprints for other Corona based viruses they can build from that can speed up the process.

However, judging by the fact that every other project the UK government (blue and red) has had problems - It doesn’t fill me with confidence. Everything usually over-runs or has problems. You can’t have problems with this - it’s people’s health at stake.

Makes me a tad nervous to be honest. I know some people are going all tin-foil hat about it - thinking that the Tories are going to chip us or mind-control us… I’m less worried about a new world order. I’m more concerned by general incompetence.

So. Covid-19 Vaccine. Would you have it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know

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I voted yes, but there are major caveats. We’ll have to wait and see how the vaccine trials go. I really haven’t been following them but It’s far from ideal to try and get a vaccine done so quickly, it’s not a problem with the yearly flu vaccine because there are only minor modifications from year to year.

Some info on vaccine research


That’s a good page. Bookmarking that. (well, Collections… @n0tch :wink: )

Yeah - that’s my thoughts too. It seems that there are some conventional vaccine approaches - and then some that are more outside the box. Those that are least conventional need a hell of a lot of scrutiny - especially if you are going to give it to most of the global population.

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its a catch twenty two for me i love me science but i hate how this current government
has abused and twisted the science for their own ends and purposes which is a short version of a long winded explanation but essentially yes to the vaccine as long as the scientists say its ready without them being gagged am hoping which ever country succeeds gives it out like the polio and doesn’t do a trump :man_facepalming: