(ex)Hurricane Ophelia

Don’t know now many people it will affect on here apart for us guys over here, but every where seems to be shutting down early. We’re in the process of powering off all servers in case of power cuts.

@NaloaC hope the farm doesnt get hit too hard mate. I can see your getting it 1st. Keep safe mate.


So far, Ophelia is a pansy in comparison to 3 years ago.

I’m tooled up and ready for fun tomorrow if anything does come down. Axes, chainsaws, tractors, loaders, trailers, you name it, it’s ready.

I’m actually kind of hoping that a couple of trees might come down, just so I can have another day off work :smiley:


Phoneline went down. Almost lost the pump to the well too.

Someone was killed while driving and windsurfers have had to be rescued by the helicopter services. Fucking dickheads and I have zero sympathy. Anyone driving in this weather must have had an emergency (reasonable) or they were a dickhead.


Was watching the news… Fucking windsurfers. It is not too bad in Dublin at the moment. Hopefully you will not have too much damage.

Iknow this is defo on the top of your list Cal…>Logins for WarThunder ok ??? :slight_smile:

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Winds starting ti pick up here now. Dont think it will be as bad as some people think but still, better safe and all that.

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I managed to get a few games in this morning :smiley:

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Winds getting pretty strong here now. Gates looking a bit dodgy so moved the cars just in case. Trees looking iffy

Small tree at the front if my house. Was nearly bent in two at point before the video

Has been very tame so far. Supposed to be the worst storm in 60 years.

Just had to sort of reinforce the fence and gate as it was looking bad. Not hopefull that it will last. Doesn’t seem to be letting off here.

Seems to be pretty clam here now. Though not sure if that’s it over going by a few others.

So everyone ok after this? It was not bad where I am. Apparently there is another storm coming after this one.

All good here in the end. Fence survived the night. Few trees and fences down on the way in to work, but nothing major near me.

See @NaloaC pics. Looks like there will be plenty of fire wood for us when we come over

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5 trees secured today. 4 breaches in the fences. My everything hurts and re-hydrating with beer.


Back at the clearing again today.

I won’t be around much at all until the phone line is fixed. Going to take a few more days.

Yay for tethered phones so I can do the basics here.

Catch you all soon :slight_smile:


Of course it has to start raining, like this clearing isn’t dangerous/hard enough…

stay safe


The latest victim:

I love that massive Stihl saw. It’s a stupid weight, but fucking at what it does!

30% meat, 10% bone, 25% water, 25% sweat, 10% hatred towards Pinus radiata