Executive Assault 2


Ok, so I got this lil gem a while back in a sale… totally forgot about it! Decided to download and play…


Its RTS, with FPS and massive freaking space battles!!

You start with your usual lil base, get resources buy structures get units… then it gets fun!

I built up a lil fleet and set it out, found a point where the bad person was building and decided to send em in! I decided to let the AI do its thing so I took over a random robot on one of the cruisers to watch the battle unfold from the bridge and they watched as all hell broke lose. Missiles and guns and lasers blasting, when your zoomed out in RTS mode it looks like nothing… but when you come down to FPS mode and watch the scale is just wow! If I wanted I could take command of any of the ships but I was just happy sat there watching this battle between 2 fleets and fights go on :slight_smile:

If anyone has this, Id love to have a game or 2!

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