F1 - Grojean Crash

How the fuck Romain got out of that alive, let alone walked away, is beyond me.



Wooah. The car is like ripped in half right at the cockpit!

Yep. He was stuck in the flames for about 15 seconds too. Halo system saved his life, deflected the barrier away from his head. Reported to have wrist and ankle burns as well as multiple broken ribs.

just watched some replays. Some explosion. Do wonder what he was thinking though cutting across like that.

There was debris he hit just before that came off Stroll’s car - looks like he turned right to avoid other incidents on the left, but then clipped Kvyat, which sent him off. Was pretty messy at the back.

Holy fuck! How he has walked away from that is unbelievable

He was in there for a while… madness.

The aftermath…

An yeah, I was against the Halo too… butt ugly design. But I’d rather have butt ugly than see a driver die in a fireball. Definitely saved his life imho.