Factorio - anyone?


I was planning on maybe start another, longer, Factorio playthrough, maybe with some other people. Not sure if we could get it working simultaneously due to different timezones but maybe we could set up a dropbox/goolge drive for the savefile to juggle around?

Let me know if anyone would be interested and I will look into it :smiley: .


I bought this a few days ago because i decided i want to let project5 sightseer get more developed before i sink time into it and burn through what features it’s got.

i could lose myself in this; according to steam i have 25 hours playtime, because i’ve left it running overnight twice to get stocked up on those juicy science packs.

I’ve not looked anything up, and i got bored of the tutorial, so i’m sure i’m pretty inefficient in my design, but i’ve got myself as coal powered battle buggy type looking thing and an overabundance of copper plates and i love it.


Played this a little as a friend at work has it and had a free copy. He has a load of hours on it and a huge factory going on which is pretty much automated.

Want to pit more time into it but I can see it being a time stealer :smile:


Well if you guys want we can try and start a game together. Especially the start is much smoother and quicker if you have multiple persons playing. I’m just not sure how to handle the time problem, maybe put the server file on a dropbox so anyone can play when they like.

I believe otherwise the player which created the game has to start the server everytime … bit bothersome. If we wanna do it though I can play around a bit with it and set it up!