Far Cry 5

So bit the bullet and got this. Good coop play if the campaign apparently. Anyone got/getting it?

So play on getting it but not until a price drop.

Used my 20% off code from uplay. 100 units. So got it for 39.

Really been enjoying this game love just seeing some of the crazy shit that the AI characters and animals get up to. This guy pulled out his best performance for dramatic death.


Only started yesterday but loving it too! BOOM HEADSHOT!!

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The headshots are very satisfying. What area of the map you focusing on first? I completed Hebane River, Faiths region and moved on to Jacobs at the moment. First game in a long time that I am taking my time to explore and complete every missions, side mission, challenge etc.

Another actor. Must of went to same drama school as first guy.

I’m heading over to John’s region to the west first… He’s supposed to be the most fucked up of them all… This should be fun!

This bear is on a rampage.


This is a two parter.

I got a bit over-run with bison so bolted. Some passers attempted to help! Ooops. Should have put there seatbelts on. Second part, Bison got the last word. But ran off flaming.

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|How you finding it, folks?

+1 what Pnats said.

I drifted off after 2, got 4 but think the formula is generally meh. Reviews seem really mixed on this one though.

After clearing FC3, having played 1 & 2, I lost interest in it. Sandbox, sure. Looking at it though, it’s just seems like it’s becoming more and more like Just cause.

The engine does look nice, I’ll give it that!

I got annoyed at FC3, where I did every. single. last. mission. and. hunt. on the first island to get my inventory specced up, then was told to do the same on the 2nd island. Lost it and just went in guns blazing and murdered things with whatever I had and made do. Finished the 2nd island in about 3 hours, after having spent around 10+ hours crawling around on the first. Kinda killed it for me.

I finished 3, never touch 4 or primeval though it did look different and interesting. Think I will get this but when it drops in price, though these post are making me want to get it sooner

I didnt really play first, played second but found it got quite repitive and dabbled in 3 but again lost interest. Skipped 4.

Find this game is keeping me interested. So far I have completed 1 part of the island and moved onto second, all my stuff comes with me so no problem there @NaloaC. I find the story is quite interesting and there is some fun and disturbing aspects to it. Mission where I had to inspect dog shits springs to mind… no more spoilers. Weapons feel meaty, aiming is tight, encountered few bugs. Good mix of story line missions, side missions, fun missions, challenges to do with hunting and fishing and special characters that can form part of your “squad” I do normally lose interest in this sort of thing and do go on just the rampage, but for some reason I feel challenged with this and actually like taking my time to explore wherevere I tend to roam. Took me a slow 20 hours or so to complete section 1 of 3. So at £39 find it good value and have only had a brief blast at Coop with adrock and the arcade multiplayer.

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Have Ubisoft learned how to let players skip cutscenes yet?

And on that topic have they learned that protracted animations for every button-press action doesn’t make a game more emersive, it actually makes playing it a chore?

I can to a point cope with formulaic gameplay and repetetive tasks making up most of the content of a game (both the games I’ve 100%'d on Steam have both of these by the bucket full) but Ubi seem to want many parts of their games to be a complete chore rather than a fun, engaging game.

There are story driven missions which are introduced and perhaps concluded by cinematics. Not so much that you have to do anything or press any buttons, just enjoy the story. You can press escape to skip any cut scene. But I am enjoying watching and listening to the story. You can tell the story missions from the map so I avoid them if all I want to do is explore, earn some cash to buy stuff. There have been a couple of instances of the story catching up with me seemingly while I was doing my own thing, but maybe not. I may have triggered something.

There are certain type of missions that repeat, but you can do as you go. like destroy certain structures across the area of the map. They are normally lightly guarded. So you can experiment with stealth, gunz blazing or use them to get your special squad character kills. I have a cougar call peaches who you can set on enemy to mauls for example. Or a bow and arrow expert who can silently kill. I like this feature. Many of the civilians you free across the maps can be recruited into your squad. As they get more kills they unlock their own special abilities which can help you when they work with you.

Liberate the cult outpost missions. Heavily guarded with alarms. This is your stealth mission. If you can do it completely undetected you get more money. If they see you but you can stop them setting the alarm off you get slightly less money. If an alarm is set off you just get the glory and no money.

Prepper Stash mission
Points across the map that normally need you to figure out where a key is hidden, and work out how to get in to certain areas. Rewards cash and perks points loot.

Side missions
Variety of different type of missions depending on who is dishing them out, could be hunting related, rescue missions, destroy missions. Just bit of everything

Stunt misisons
Racing off road round a track, flying a plane through hoops in a river valley, wingsuit jump through a course (probably a few more I havent encountered yet)

Challenges, skin such and such an animal, catch such and such a fish. So many weapon kills, so many kills with special characters etc etc.

All in all plenty variety. Probably all seen in these games before, but I have never until now paid attention to them. I bore easily so perhaps that is a good sign that so far I have been kept engaged enough to do it.


Oh collectable missions. i.e find whisky barrels in a very big lake.This mission was a stretch and did it all without use of a map until the very last one I struggled to find and realised I could actually purchase a map to help! Could have saved me a heck of alot of time. But Kind of enjoyed my wee treasure hunt.


I find it better than wildlands in that respect; there’s a bit more mission variety, or feels like it, fewer repetitive tasks, and travelling between them is much more interesting as the driving mechanics are better, and the ability to auto-drive in a gta taxi manner while shooting out the windows hasn’t stopped being entertaining for me yet.

Also the DLC appear to be Zombies, Apocalypse Now, and Moonraker.