Far Cry - New Dawn


quite intrigued.

Far Cry 5 bored me. So I hope this shakes things up a bit. But also intrigued!

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I loved Far Cry 5. But it did get a bit repetitive.

Not played 5 yet. Loved 3 this looks interesting

3 started to get repetitive for me. Not played 4 or 5. Hope this will be something different

havent fully watched the gameplay, but my first thought from the trailer, was that it was probably not really going to be all that different from Far Cry 5. Looks pretty at times though.

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Ran a quick benchmark using the latest GPU drivers.

The minimum dip isn’t great, but other all not bad could definitely tweak a bit to get the avg up, I see someone post about getting avg 42 at 4K Ultra with the HD Texture pack which is pretty cool.

This is on Shadow btw, 5fps difference in the avg and min between High and Ultra, so seems a CPU bottleneck.

HD Texture Pack off

HD Texture Pack on

Far Cry New Dawn only £21.99 at CDKEYS which is pretty reasonable considering the RRP is £37.99

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