Farewell Cassini, it's been a ride!

After 20 years in space, Cassini’s mission will finally come to an end today. Having been directed towards Saturns surface, Cassini will be sent tumbling down, go spiralling out of control and burn up in the clouds of Saturn, becoming part of what it has observed for so long.

Launched in 1997, Cassini has given us a wealth of information on Saturn and its rings, moons and “surface”.

4,900,000,000 Miles travelled.

635GB of data.

453,000 images taken.

What a ride.

Go forth yonder Valkyrie into the halls of Valhalla, you have done your duty.



Has been very interesting watching what its been up too and seeing the images its sent back

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The signal has been lost…

83 minutes until the last bits of data come back to earth.

Farewell Cassini…

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Reports coming in that it was North Korea who shot the satellite down as a big fuck up to the USA. Kim Jong-un reportedly shot it down with a 9 mm pistol from his bed. Reports also say, all the above is fake news.