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RUF Yellowbird CTR around the Nordshleife. No helmet, no cage, no race suit, massive balls.


It’s pretty obvious, but fun to watch. The shot looking back from the 850hp car is the best. Fuck I love funny cars. :grinning:

(Watch out headphone users)


Me again. Can-Am this time. At night. McLaren M1B 1966. Sebring is a weird track. Very wide in places so you lose any idea of turn in.


It’s finally been beaten. The lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschliefe set by Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 which stood for 35 years has been beaten. Thoroughly. Well demolished actually. By…

Another Porsche. A 919 Hybrid driven by Timo Bernhard. Although this time it wasn’t in official race trim like the 956. More like, fuck it, lets not adhere to any rules and make the fastest thing on four wheels.

It’s like watching a game…

I still think the Yellowbird video is more fun.


This is something fast but not going fast looking like it will go really fast. Big numbers…

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Australians are mad for their burnouts. These guys take up to 11 with an 8000hp Top Fuel engined car.