Fear the Wolves

A new battle royale game with a twist coming out back end of 2018 to console and PC.


So far, so PUBG, but the devils are in the detail. Most obviously, Fear the Wolves is first-person rather than third-person, and studio co-founder Oleg Yavorski says it will aim for “more of a hardcore feel” than its primary influence, “with realistic gunfights and multiple smaller elements that players will need to master”, including high-fidelity bullet physics. In itself, the relatively cramped viewpoint should oblige a more tentative approach to recon and a greater emphasis on stealth, though matches are still expected to last a fairly brisk 20-45 minutes, beginning at dawn and ending in darkness.

You’ll also have to worry about AI opponents - yes, there are indeed wolves in those hills, and packs of malingering mutants to boot, though Vostok is unwilling to share specifics. These roam the map and are sometimes found guarding areas with high-value loot. They’ll also flee the advancing radiation, which might prove useful if you’re looking to get your hands on said loot, providing you’re wearing a Hazmat suit. Where lingering outside the safe zone in order to pick off those galloping to safety was a brinkmanship tactic in PUBG, here it sounds like it’ll be a sustainable strategy, with oxygen cylinders and gas masks to uncover that briefly shield you from harm.

There are also a few of STALKER’s famous “anomalies”, randomly occurring areas in which the laws of physics are bent to breaking point, not all of them visible. Some of these anomalies are effectively landmines, killing you on contact, so protracted off-road driving might prove unwise. Others are subtler: you might wander into a region where you take damage unless you sprint, punishing campers and forcing everybody to hot-foot it as though desperately in need of the loo. Together with the claustrophobic viewpoint, balance of human and NPC threats and more exacting approach to gunplay, it seems a recipe for some very watchable bouts of chaos.

Details are sketchy at the moment with no screenshots or trailers. However at the end of the news link, there is some interesting twists about spectating the games.