Fifa 18; so who's paid the £70 to get 3 day early access?

Didn’t realise this was a thing, but if you buy either of the premium editions at 70 or 80 quid, the game unlocks tonight rather than Friday. Not sold on it myself when it’s half that from cdkeys.

Does anyone else here Fifa much? Looking forward to the continuation of the single player campaign?

Posting under shopping deals, because Football is Capitalism!

I have 17 on my xbox one cos it came with it. Cant see me getting 18 as I rarely pay on my xbox. Did get the demo, doesnt seem too different.

but in Fifa 17 Newcastle are just a Championship club…

Leeds are a championship club in both 17 and 18!

Never did finish the story mode on 17, got bored with it tbh

Aye, but maybe in 19 :wink:

It drags in the middle where you’re just playing game after game, but it’s the most interesting new thing they’ve added in years, especially as i don’t give a shit about FUT.

Renting on PS4, as I usually get pissed off with it after a few months lol.

Although after playing the demo, it does feel so much better than 17. But as always, you’ll have a mass group of people cry about one thing, then it’ll become shit cause they change it.