Finland's Birthday NES game; a plea for help

I need this in my life.

Google translate fails; helps me! How do i throw money at this to make it arrive?

They are out of stock. You can email:arto4000(ät) They should have more stock in October/November.
Can’t preorder.

So here is the translation:
PERKELE(Goddammit) - Finland 100 years includes the following games:

Go on to challenge fighters that dominate snackbars around Finland. Your help is just your bony head, your fists and insulting word play. Curl your opponent to the asphalt level!

Saimaannorpa’s revenge
The human being’s special skill is to destroy the environment from year to year, tirelessly. Now the original Finnish, endangered and sympathetic Saimaa ringed seal has simply had enough. The time has come to the eye for eye treatment to the barstard humans, God damn it!

Winter War
A faithful light gun has served you for many years. Now it is back to doing its rightfull task by in defending Finland’s independence in the winter season.

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cheers dude, i will email them and see how far that gets me. Looking forward to cracking out the old zapper :smiley:

I fucking love the names of the 3 games, especially “Sausage Stand Fight” :smiley:

Caolan yep, just not the same when it gets translated. The other games there are really great. Specially the Juhannus one :slight_smile:

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