FM17 ZiiP Game - Pick the club (Please vote)

I was going to select a random club to use for my ZiiP Football Manager game but I thought why not have a poll. Above are a list of 15 clubs and what division they sit in.

Now, the higher the division, the possibility of less game time for your character but you will be better paid, increased value, higher profile and trained by better coaches; the downside is your character may not get near the first team in the first season of the game. Obviously the loan system is available so game time elsewhere is an option.

  • Torquay United - National League (Conference)
  • Leyton Orient - National League
  • Port Vale - League Two
  • Cheltenham Town - League Two
  • Swindon Town - League Two
  • Gillingham - League One
  • Blackburn Rovers - League One
  • Charlton Athletic - League One
  • Aston Villa - Championship
  • Birmingham City - Championship
  • Boton Wanderers - Championship
  • Derby County - Championship
  • Crystal Palace - Premiership
  • Bournemouth - Premiership
  • West Ham - Premiership

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I will be the deciding vote if there is a tie.

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Sad that Lincoln or Luton weren’t there…

Have used them in the past… besides Lincoln are 5th and Luton are 9th ; apart from Charlton, I have picked clubs that are in trouble.

I can see why Villa are there then… :stuck_out_tongue:


Blackburn or Charlton…