FM2017 - Adding Players for a ZiiP Game

I used to do a ZiiP game in Football Manager and I may do this again when my holiday comes round again so I need to borrow your names. Please note I will not be making anything public or searchable.

The default for each player will be:

First Name: ZiiP (so I can easily find players)
Actual Ability: Between 95 and 102
Potential Ability: 200
Club to join: Salford (Non League North)

Positions available are:

GK x 3
DL/DWL x 2
DR/DWR x 2
DC x 5
DMC x 3
ML x 2
MR x 2
MC x 4
AMR x 3
AML x 3
AMC x 3
ST x 4

All I need from you is the following:

Surname: (it can be your username here or a name you want in the game)
Position: (take one or two positions from the above).
Hand: (Left or Right)
Age: (between 17 and 25)

If you have an objection to using you persona in game, please let me know and I will ensure you are not created.



[quote=“MicJules, post:1, topic:99”]
Surname: Buggs

Nationality: British

Position: st/amc

Hand: Left

Age: 20

cheers fella

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Surname: Jesta
Nationality: Brazilian
Position: AML or AMC
Hand: Left
Age: 24

Cheers @MicJules

Come on guys, this’ll take less than 1 minute to fill in… :slight_smile:


Nationality: Northern Ireland
Position: MC/AMC
Hand: Both
Age: 20

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Surname Virulent-Pip
Nationality - English
Position - DWR
Hand?? Foot - Right :stuck_out_tongue:
Age - 22

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Adrock (or Drock, first initial ‘A’)
Gibraltar (for the caps!)
DMC (BWM or DLP as you prefer i guess?)
Right footed

I will be the greatest player ever to represent Gibraltar!


Good shout on the roles @adrock for me AMC trequartista and for MC roaming playmaker

to be fair the role isn’t stored in the game, it’s determined by looking at the individual stats. Obviously Mic could choose to train players to specific roles but it’s probably a bit involved to expect him to manually set everyone’s stats to match a particular role.

I REALLY didn’t want to by a Regista.

Surname: Harrington
Nationality: Finnish
Position: I have no idea what those acronyms means…
Hand: Right
Age: 34

lol - make sure you sell him to Villa after the first season… they like to have the highest avg age in the division…


Roles are in the game so if you fancy a role then I will put that in.

GK = Goalkeeper
D = Defender
WB = Wingback
DM = Defensive Midfielder
M = Midfielder (C entral, L eft, R ight)
AM = Attacking Midfield
ST = Striker

Did you mean 34?

If anyone plays FM2017, I will make a ZiiP Editor file that I can send round if required

ALSO - if you have a favourite team, I will add that as a 100% Supporter

I have chosen to add ZiiP to Cheltenham Town in League two rather than Salford.

Created so far:

Buggsy (False Number Nine) - Supporter - Liverpool (?)
Jesta (Raumdeuter) - Supporter - Aston Villa
Hammy (Trequarista) - Supporter - Leeds
Virulent-Pip (Complete Wing Back) - Supporter - Arsenal
Adrock (Regista) - Supporter - Newcastle
Harrington (Defensive Full Back) - Age 20.
MicJules (Ball Playing Defender) - Supporter - Chelsea

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damn you Mic, i said not Regista :stuck_out_tongue: but whatever your team needs :slight_smile:

What’s a false number 9 :neutral_face: and how dare you its trammere!!

This means you hold up the ball, intergrate with your attacking teammates bring them into the attack and then find spaces to score… its a very valuable asset to my tactics!

I will change your Fav Team to Tranmere

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Surname: Doyle
Nationality: Norwegian
Position: DR/DWR (seems like as good as any combination of random letters)
Hand: Right
Age: 25 (plus or minus a few years)

That’s how I play in 5aside except my shooting is abysmal :neutral_face:

GK x 3

DL/DWL x 2

DR/DWR (Virulent-Pip, Doyle, Harrington)

DC x 5 (MicJules)

DMC x 3 (Adrock)

ML x 2

MR x 2

MC x 4

AMR x 3

AML x 3 (Jesta)

AMC x 3 (Hammy)

ST x 4 (Buggsy)

Thanks to those that have added their names, most appreciated. For those that have not, are there any objections if I add you to the game?

I will do more updates this weekend

why does everyone want to be a rightback?!? It’s like the least popular position for any kid in a park or playground (i know, i was often RB).

You could go all Hazard and just have a chain of younger models/brothers of the same player in production like Chelsea :slight_smile:

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GK will be Angelclaws , @BonkersBM , Zorndar
DL will be @Frog51 , @Leepants , magicaltrev
DC will be @Scottyboy , Windy, GiantKiwi, mars
DMC will be Lauren, @st00kz (will include MC/AMC)
MC will be @spoonlamp, Nalgaroth, MadMan, @Zahkhy (will include ML/MR)
AMR will be Reno, @Xander vredesbyrd (will include MR)
AMC will be BlackRaven, fl3xxxo, @ChEd (will include AML/AMR)
ST will be @n0tch easy_geeza , RoGuE

The ZiiP Squad.