FM2017 ZiiP Game - Unknown or Superstar

One of the issues I have found is that the value of each character created is very low. I have traced the issue to how well known your character is i.e. your Reputation.

Currently I have it set to:

Reputation is 10
Home Reputation is 10
World Reputation is 1.

This meant, for example, Notch who is 26 in game, having a value of 14K whereas a proper 17 year old with a reputation of 93 had a value of 145K.

So I need to up your levels. However, the more I increase your reputation, the more other clubs will want to stock pile you in their academy and you wont play.

I need to check the reputation stats and the lowest to the highest values allowed but I have based this a 0 to 200 range.

So the choice is yours:

  • Low reputation (0-100)
  • Medium reputation (100-150)
  • High reputation (150-175)
  • Superstar (175-200)

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which club did you choose and what’s their rep? I’d say set us slightly below that?

rep should be out of 10000 for each value the same as club reputation though i’m not sure there’s a direct relationship.

I went for Blackburn (in the 5000 range) as the owners have money albeit are tight as f*ck. They are a sleeping giant, good stadium and lots of fans.

@adrock - are you able to confirm the reputation of Lionel Messii (superstar), Harry Kane and Victor Moses?

i can load the game up and tell you what their reps are in my game…3rd season i think im in?

Kane plays for me now. in midfield. the others probably have legit rep.

Ah… I thought you might have had the editor the available to you. Don’t worry - I will look on Tuesday

am happy to go with the majority on rep i just went for middle cause it was middle :smiley:

It’s your character matey, this is not a group thing.

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