Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold

Foo Fighter’s ninth studio album was released just before the weekend and is now on Spotify.

The Colour and The Shape is and will probably always remain my favourite album by the Foo Fighters - although that’s probably associated more to memories linked certain songs than anything else.

I found some of their later stuff a bit drab. Currently listening to this… so far… so good.



Only heard their new song that they have release, which I quite like. For me, its hard to look by There Is Nothing Left to Lose as their best album.

Will have to give the new one a listen

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I’m inclined to agree with Jes here - Colour/Shape is such an amazing album and has all those crazy memories with it, but Nothing left to Lose is almost side by side with how much I love it. Since then I’ve had a slow decline in appreciation for their new stuff from an album perspective, while there are definitely belter tracks son them the number of those belters is lower and lower. Sonic Highway was a weird one for me as well - I loved the serialised documentary of them putting each song together as a different episode, in a different city or place, loved the creative process, but when I revisited the album just playing through it I found it didn’t grab me as much as it did with the build up through the episode.

I’m at work now but will give the new album a listen to maybe tonight.