Food thread

Hung over to fuck, power nap and then felt like doing something so did some baking.

Rosemary and Thyme bread to go with Kate’s brother’s awesome beef stew:

I used a bog-standard white bread recipe from BBC food, I just mixed in some ground dried rosemary and thyme and then before it went in it was covered in some vegetable oil and sprinkled with some coarse ground rosemary and thyme.

Also did a sweet bread flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla and mixed through with chopped almonds and raisins. The strands of the weave are filled with blackcurrent jam, nutella and peanut butter respectively:

I threw this one in on the temp for the first bread so it went a bit crispy a bit quickly. Caught it, turned the temp down and the inside is like a pillow. I’ll grab a pic of the cross section later on and post up.

I’ll grab a pic of the plum harvest from the tree in the garden as well and later what we end up doing with them. The damson tree isn’t read yet but I’ll do the same when they are.

MORE FOOD IN DIS THREAD! Cooked, ordered, found, post it!

Edit: disappointing cross section:


I had a cunning plan regarding my bbq, some aggs and mushrooms if that counts;


Dude thats a great idea, they look taaaaasty - how’d they turn out?!

I made Pretzels yesterday. Didn’t take any pics because I figured no one would care. I’ll take some of my next batch.

Gonna bake some bread this week too. Veg in the garden has been disappointing this year. Green beans are super yummy and sweet. Tomatoes yet to rippen and the green house stuff is stressed from the excessive bursts of heat.

Herbs are doing well though.


Absolutely delicious, will be doing again!

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I’ll be giving that a go too yoink!

My empty breakfast bowl. Crunchy nut cornflakes.


You missed a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Drunking ib a schiol night?? K


Aerin loves this recipe for crisp-burgers;

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Didn’t bother doing the pork as well, plenty of food there with the byrfers and saalds and stuuf
When Fall to Piecrs cane on i knew the clams good snf hot

I should drink less!


Loooking Yummy @spoonlamp - That brioche baps? Classy.

Here’s my current veg patch. Bit rubbish this year in honesty, partly because my mum CBA because of my dad and because the weather gave a cold start, followed by intense heat, followed by shitty cold rain. However, it’s picked up a bit now.

Tomatoes. Need to rippen some point this year. Going to make a great ragu.

Green beans! This is a small one - they grow huge. Taste incredible fresh - like really really
sweet. Stuff you buy in the supermarket frozen is mushy tasteless crap. Got LOADS of them.

Herbs. Basil is a bit damaged by the heat. Made some good Italian dishes so far though.
Got mint, chives, thyme, sage and basil, parsley and oregano in there.

More oregano, sooooo good in Pizza sauce.

Also have more tomatoes in the greenhouse, but the hot weather hasn’t been kind to them… and a chilli plant - that looks like it might fruit… but it’s fucking late in the season… so if the hot weather stays, I might get a chilli.


Tonight’s go at Thai chilli prawn Noddles


Hammy’s for tea!


Ooooh broth? How is it?

Lovely but not very filling. Good as a starter and very easy to make.

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That looks spot on Hammy. Mmmmm. Hungry now… and I’ve just eaten.

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Best thing about home made rolls is that you can actually make them a decent size :wink:


Got five bags of plums leaving another bag or two on the tree. Gave out a few bags to neighbors and kept two for us. We froze them to keep them and have started defrosting them for a crumble:

Also harvested the damson tree getting three bags from just the lowest few branches, I’d say another half dozen bags left up there at least. Helped Kate prep them for jam:

Getting 5 jars out of just under one bag (2lb 14oz):

Also grabbed a goodie bag of tiffin supplies:

Planned for:

  • Spiced rum, milk chocolate, hazelnut, raisin and oaties biscuits
  • Coconut rum, white chocolate, almond, raisin and custard cremes
  • Spiced rum, dark chocolate, orange biscuit, Brazil nut and mixed berries